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  1. TBH, Yes, but you know what? You do you. It's not my place to judge anyone.
  2. No, but a guy named Andrew Lee posted the video a couple days ago on youtube.
  3. Kinda defeats the purpose of social distancing doesn't it?
  4. I meant, what is the amount of riders bus operators will allow before flagging people?
  5. So is the MTA going to kill off their last remaining R33 cars (outside of the TOMC units) and send them to scrap? Also, have any Diesel locos been scrapped like R47's or R52s?
  6. The B37 used to be far more reliable pre-2010 cuts.
  7. Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, and Chrysler 300.
  8. So what's the average capacity on buses now for proper distancing?

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