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  1. TBH, Yes, but you know what? You do you. It's not my place to judge anyone.
  2. No, but a guy named Andrew Lee posted the video a couple days ago on youtube.
  3. Kinda defeats the purpose of social distancing doesn't it?
  4. I meant, what is the amount of riders bus operators will allow before flagging people?
  5. So is the MTA going to kill off their last remaining R33 cars (outside of the TOMC units) and send them to scrap? Also, have any Diesel locos been scrapped like R47's or R52s?
  6. The B37 used to be far more reliable pre-2010 cuts.
  7. Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, and Chrysler 300.
  8. So what's the average capacity on buses now for proper distancing?
  9. I can't help but wonder if there will be a major fleet decrease and depot closures as a result of this in the coming years. Similar to what NICE did back in 2017, but on a much worse scale...
  10. I know this is only, but I do fine this tread interesting. IIRC, The 1994-1995 and 1996 Orion V diesels were having rusting issues, so bad that the buses themselves were falling apart and were therefore no longer roadworthy. That was why as soon as the 2009 Orion VII NG hybrids got delivered in the Bronx especially during the spring and summer of that year, the most of the 1993-1996 Orion Vs went bye bye. The 1994-1995 CNG units that were out of Jackie Gleason depot in Brooklyn at the time did alot better considering that JG had decent maintenance and didn't run them as hard as their diesel counterparts in other Boroughs. However, the 2010 doomsday cuts nearly did them in until it was decided to give them to MTA bus company for awhile, but came the end of September, they were sadly retired for good without any replacements as the new C40LFs would not arrive for another year.
  11. Yeah, I mean it's common sense. I was just saying that on the bus side of things with the RTS's. They should have keep like 40-60 of the best Nova bus RTS's and most of the 2004 Orion VII OG hybrids in storage for emergencies. There should be an internal memo somewhere saying that an X amount old out going transit equipment should be sidelined just incase of teething issues or quality control problems on new equipment and that they should remain on site for up to 5 years.
  12. Also, does anyone know when LIBus retired their 1992 Orion V CNGs (#656-666)?
  13. About that, I know that was because MTA LIBus was failing state inspections and whatnot, but was that only the Orion V CNGs (1500s and 1600s) or did the NGs do bad too?
  14. Seems that 2008 Orion VII NG CNG #1700 was in an accident the other day while working the n22. Going to be OOS for a while.

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