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  1. Anyone know what list number there up to for this exam?
  2. Does anyone know if MTA is still hiring for this exam 9618. It’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone post their list number and or confirmation that they’ve received a canvass email or packet via mail. (Asking because they’ve started sending out canvass emails for Exam 1100 already).
  3. It’s relatively weird how things is working at the moment with MTA and these exams. If I’m not mistaken 1100 is MABSTOA so we should have a general list number correct? Here’s the kicker. I took my test on 10/09/21 and received a email to attend 180 Livingston next week to submit canvass packet. Was never given a list number. Don’t get me wrong I’m absolutely happy to have gotten that email. 2 week time span. They’re hiring relatively quickly figured it would be a few months.
  4. What’s up man if you don’t mind sharing approximately (3,35*) what’s your list number so we can gauge roughly how long it’ll take before they get to others.
  5. Vote new union leaders into position. That’s the only way changes can be made.
  6. Does it make much of a difference if you come in the door with the CDL B License compared to the CDL B Permit only?
  7. What’s up Sharif, I’m certain someone will answer this question very soon. If yu don’t mind me asking approximately what was your list number?
  8. It’s been a while since this exam list was created. Does anyone know approximately when this list will be terminated? 👀👀
  9. Awesome thanks @+Young+ will stick to the guidelines of the forum as well.
  10. 😳 didn’t know the work that goes into administering these exams. 🙏🏾 Do hope they roll out another T/O exam soon. Been waiting for years to get on a T/O list. Good luck to everyone though 🤘🏾
  11. Any company hiring at the moment including the one your with? I’m Looking to gain experience on the road with CDL B before I get called for the interview.
  12. Any time frame as to when the next T/O exam will be held?
  13. 😂😂😂 dope reasoning. Congrats All the best to you and great success on the journey.
  14. Did they mention what number they are up to?

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