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  1. Looks like 9040 is still active. It's currently on the 194.
  2. These are the last 5 digits of their VIN, correct? For a second I thought NJT was going back to fill in some 16xxx numbers lol
  3. Is the 25 bus order 20801-20825 or 20803-20827? I think I heard from somewhere that it was the latter because 20801 and 20802 are not part of it as they were built before the additional 25 was decided.
  4. Does anyone know if the 116 and 126 are also served by Howell now? Saw a bunch of MCI CNGs tracking on those routes this morning.
  5. Looks like 20816 is in service now. It's currently on the 39.
  6. Does anyone know when we might start seeing the 2021 MCIs? Production is supposed to start this month I think.
  7. 6545 as well, it crashed into a bank in Orange. https://www.pix11.com/2015/07/08/coach-usa-bus-crashes-into-building-in-orange/
  8. Saw on FB that 9529 is retired/black paint now that more XD60 are out.
  9. https://1010wins.radio.com/articles/16-injured-in-nj-transit-bus-crash-near-port-authority 5232 crashed near the PABT. I'm guessing it'll most likely be scrapped based on how the bus looks after the crash. Hope everyone is okay
  10. Does anyone know what type of destination sign the 2001-2003 MCIs have? Cptdb just says flip dot. I'm guessing Luminator Megamax as most of their current buses have Luminator Horizon AFAIK. Also their old MCI CNG buses that are long gone - their LED destination sign looks unlike any of the buses that are in service today. Their text is really spread out. Does anyone here know the model of that destination sign as well?
  11. 20811 is back in service; 20810 is in service on the 159 according to a friend.
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