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  1. They only sent pre employment to the first 500 people. They haven’t gotten to your number yet, so you didn’t miss anything.
  2. The deadline for the first 500 people to send in the pre employment paper work was last week Friday. I’m gonna assume they need time to review the information before they start the hiring process.
  3. I responded to the email address I received the notification from this morning. The person’s name was Glynis Emery, Employment Operation. If I don’t get any response I’ll try HR and the higher ups you guys suggested. Thanks.
  4. After responding to the email for pre employment back in January, I get an email today saying I failed to report for labs. I never received any call or email telling me to come in, nothing in my junk mail folder either. This is crazy. Now I’m considering whether I should wait to be contacted for track worker since I’m in the mid 500’s and the list is moving, or restore my name to the bus operator list.
  5. They will let you know when to come in and do the drug test.
  6. I’m in the mid 500’s and no email or call. So I’m guessing they stopped at 500, since someone in the 400’s was contacted.
  7. I received the pre-employment application form today. How do I fill out the parts where it requires my signature? It says the form can be completed using a computer, but the signature lines are the only parts I can’t click on to do anything.
  8. Nervous about driving a bus? I know I am lol, but I need the job so I have to take the opportunity when they get to me. I was trying to hold out until they started calling from the 8600 track worker list but I have no idea when that list is gonna start moving.
  9. Thank god lol. Might be the only good thing to come from this COVID stuff.
  10. Were you there all day? That’s how it was before COVID and it was annoying.
  11. I'm hearing on the news that they need 12billion to prevent budget cuts. I guess we're gonna be waiting even longer to get called off this list.

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