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  1. You can try contacting Ronde Johnson she is the Designated Employee Representative for the MTA. She is who handles the people who completed the SAP program. She helped me out back in 2013 and I know she is still working with the MTA currently. Her email is Ronde.Johnson@nyct.com Now I don't know if she can reinstate you but she is the one that you have to send your SAP completion papers to. You have to have your SAP counselor send her your return to duty papers via email and then also by regular mail. Even if you don't get reinstated by some chance I would still try to contact her and get them over to her so that way you have them on there file and you'll have no problem getting another job in the future with the MTA if this one doesn't work out. Good luck.
  2. There are 14 track workers in the September 13th class at W13th Street in my class. Just wanted to give you the update and actual number now that the 1st day of training ended. Its 14 in total.
  3. The instructor mentioned last night that there is another class in about 2 weeks.
  4. Today at the union hall orientation it was 24 people in our class. About 20 track workers and 4 electronic equipment maintainers. Tommorrow is the 1st day of training on w13th Street in Brooklyn ill let ya know if there's any change in numbers.
  5. Hard to say cause there was about 89 people for the zoom orientation and its was mostly conductors. If I had to guess I'd say around 10 track workers. It was a mix of track workers, conductors, and equipment maintenance people. I'll have a better answer for you today cause I believe today at the Montague St orientation will be only track workers. I'll let ya know tho once the day is over at 4pm.
  6. Yesterday was the orientation. It was a zoom online meeting. We went over all the things like pay, vacation, sick days, life insurance, retirement plans, safety, id's, etc etc. Today will be another orientation at 195 Montague Street. Then Wednesday starts the actual class.
  7. Thats a good point. Thats why this forum is so important as well as helpful to keep track of. Had it not been for this website I would have had no idea at all. There was only 4 of us for track workers there yesterday 2 of us made it and one guy got put on medical hold and the other guy I think had to come back because he had a money order that they couldn't accept because it had an expiration date on it. If anyone reads this make sure your money order is from the post office and if it is not, then make sure that it doesn't have an expiration date on it because they will tell you to leave and come back. I seen them tell alot of people who were there for the conducter job that they had time to go run down to the post office a few blocks away and come back with a new money order. I felt bad for the guy who didn't make the track worker job because he was told way later in the day and the photo id room where they take your picture was about to close at 4pm and it was around 3:55pm. So make sure you guys have the correct money order for your finger prints.
  8. Just wanted to thank both of you guys for the advice. I tried reaching out to Ms Robinson but no responses came back so I had decided to go down to Livingston Street on Thursday and they were able to help me out big time. They were able to get me an appointment for the medical the very next day being Friday for 7am. So yesterday "being Friday" I went down at 7am and took the medical and was cleared for final processing and got hired at around 4:30pm. I made it into the September 13th class.
  9. Are we allowed to go down to 180 Livingston Street without an appointment? I have a feeling my paperwork may have gotten lost in the mix as its been over 2 weeks and I still haven't heard anything about going for the medical. My other question is if it is ok do I speak to the ladies behind the glass window about my issue or is there someone specific that handles this type of thing?
  10. Has anyone else in the 400's been called for the September class here besides BMart212?
  11. I hope so because now I'm super nervous that I haven't heard anything yet.
  12. I took the drug test on August 24th, I am still waiting on the call back for the medical process, but I haven't heard anything about any dates for a class yet either.
  13. Yes I was there as well on Tuesday at 8:30am, filled out some papers and took the drug test. Was out of there by 11am.
  14. Has anyone here in the 400's been contacted for the drug test, or have a friend in the 400's that has been contacted yet?

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