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  1. nice proposal! how do you use that map feature? the one i use is very cumbersome, and that one seems easy! how did you do it?
  2. heres two proposals: 10 av subway canal st houston st-pier 40 10 st bethune st enters from 14 st (start bilevel tracks) 16 st-chelsea market 23 st-chelsea piers 34 st-hudson yards leaves to queens (end bilevel tracks) 42 st 49 st 57 st 65 st-riverside south 72 st 5 av subway: 225 st va hospital fordham rd-university heights 179 st-morris heights undercliff av 167 st 161 st-yankee stadium 138 st-harlem hospital 131 st 125 st 116 st 110 st 102 st 96 st 90 st 84 st - met museum 79 st 72 st 66 st 59 st 53 st 47 st 42 st 34 st (connection to herald sq ) 23 st 14 st (connection to union sq ) 8 st thompson st (new station connection) bowery chatham sq seaport wall st-hanover sq south ferry
  3. so sad. hopefully the njt ones have a few more years in them.
  4. i know that lol. but chelsea piers is usually associated with 23st so thats why. two more: m5 midtown//31st-6av ÷ m5 via riverside//via 5av m5 washington heights//gwb terminal ÷ m5 via 6 av//via riverside m60 morningside heights//bway-106st ÷ m60 via astoria bl//via 125st m60 laguradia airport ÷ m60 via 125 st//via astoria bl
  5. heres another proposal: the q90: https://mapmaker.nationalgeographic.org/bWuTkOz8i7t0JfzJuQgCNq//?edit=gDtbpxQZU1TYYf7i2bSVz3
  6. heres a proposal to bring the old b51 back, with a twist: https://mapmaker.nationalgeographic.org/cEK3UsA5KCkzHHLxOWzbm5//?edit=hrBk9E1EI8A8qNJI62Fdgz
  7. i rode a flipdot on the qm12 the other day, and it only had two rows blocked off with the yellow chain link thing.
  8. i think that the bx36 does'nt really matter, that area is soundview. q42 and q28 - idk bc i almost never go to queens m14a - abingdon sq yes, chelsea piers no. 18 st is too far from 23 st - it can be confusing. crosstown - imo only ones that should be changed are: m8 greenwich village to alphabet city m50 west side pier to united nations north m72 riverside south to yorkville
  9. hello people. i'm new here. hope that this community turns out to be great! anyhow now byee
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