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  1. I would definitely tell them, i’m pretty sure it’s a crime if you don’t lol. There’s a bunch of paperwork to fill out before you go for final processing so I would just include that ticket on there where it asks. They’d rather have honesty than anything!
  2. I never got it in the mail, I only saw it on the paperwork when I went a few weeks ago for the second drug test. My list # was in the 160s but I’m not sure if they’re even going in order lol
  3. I just got the call from michelle and email with all the paperwork, I have to go in this Friday 1/22 and it looks like I’ll have the start date for February 1st for the class
  4. Any updates? Last time I took the drug test in October, someone told me it only takes like a week to get the results. Anyone know how long this might actually take?
  5. I also went today and had to refill out all the paperwork, luckily it just gave me something to do while waiting for them to call me up. I saw my list number and it was in the 160’s, and I’m also in Elevators as seen on the paperwork they handed me
  6. I got the email yesterday too, unfortunately I believe we’re all just going in for a drug test again. I guess they waited too long to continue the process for us and we have to take it again. I took it in October also.
  7. Damn, congrats to you guys who are starting soon! How long was it between them doing the background check and getting back to you for your start date, if any of you know?
  8. Got an email a few hours ago asking if they have permission to contact my current employer for the background check... welp, guess they’re going to know I plan on leaving ASAP lol
  9. Has anyone heard anything lately? Getting worried there’s gonna be a freeze again
  10. I also received an email to fill out esignatures last night, took like two minutes and I did it this morning
  11. funny how they give different responses to everyone... thanks for the update though!
  12. No, I had left it blank and they never gave it to me to put anywhere. I heard back from Michelle already and all she said was “Your application is currently under review. You will be contacted when the hiring process have commenced”. I’ve yet to be told my list number still...
  13. So I called that number you guys have left, and pressed 3. The gentleman I spoke with gave me the same email (michelle.lewis2@nyct.com) and suggested I contact her to ask for more info. I mentioned to him that it seems like some people are in different stages and some have even been hired already and he said something like “Don’t worry about others, they may just be feeding you BS”... seems a little sketchy, but I’ll see if Michelle replies to the email. I haven’t received my list number either, which I mentioned on the phone and in the email. The last step I’ve done is the drug test on 10/7.
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