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  1. Hi, R10 2952: I appreciate the response very much. Actually thought this threat was deleted and I might want to ask mods to do so if nothing else is to be added (but at their discretion). When I posted this original post, I wasn't even aware that you essentially have to be a union member in New York or had forgotten that. and, the folks at TWU Local 100 answered the same question by email not too long ago and basically told me there's no problem in supporting the union if anything they appreciate it. Thank you again for the reply.
  2. Happy Saturday, all. I'm new to the forums and from what I could tell, this would be the most appropriate place to ask this sort of general question. Also, am 31, for whatever that may be worth. I've been interested since a young age in working for the MTA - but never took a single exam in my life. Lately, I've been supportive of TWU local 100 and the larger organization, as well as a sort of niche part of local 100 called Progressive Action. Don't really agree 100% with everything any union or union member with their own platform says, bit I'm basically wondering if I'm less likely to be hired by the MTA if they figure out my YouTube channel name and see that I leave comments supporting these unions et cetera. I've definitely heard things about people currently employed having their social media looked through by MTA persons. Hope this makes sense. Have a good day, from sunny Connecticut.
  3. I have to wonder how much is incompetence and how much is just plain ol' negligence, and so on. Non-transit worker here, though. Anyone could listen to the grievances expressed by many a t/o and conductor on this very forum, though, and get a decent sense that there's a toxic relationship between the workers and the TA/MTA/MTA Bus Co. Also, media outlets tend to leave complaints (the actual court filing which initiates a lawsuit) out of their articles. Here is the complaint on Law360 (hope the direct URL works).
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