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  1. Is there no longer a hiring need for TA bus operators? Or are they just filling them with MaBStOA list names? Sucks knowing I could be almost halfway thru probation by now if my license was just a couple months older and I started the process back in July when they reached out
  2. Hey guys, currently working for a paratransit company and yesterday I got into an accident. Was trying to pass a double parked vehicle to my left and ended up taking his mirror off on 5th ave in brooklyn. I was at fault How does transit view accidents when going thru the process? This is my first time ever getting into an accident / potentially getting points on my license. Other than this one incident, I've had a clean record.
  3. Before LIRR, what did your resume look like?
  4. Don't they look at your resume and then pick who they invite tot hat the exam for this job?
  5. Likelihood of being selected to take the exam?
  6. Not calling from 9604 anymore? This list isn't anywhere near expiring. Strange
  7. What makes you think they're not calling?
  8. Damn okay, might as well stay at access a ride for the $20/ hr since I don't have my CDL B yet. Thanks bro
  9. You happen to know what the pay is like?
  10. How long did the process for NICE take from start to finish?
  11. I actually hope I get a supt like yours. sounds like he just wants you to be prepared. Those extra reps sound like a blessing to me
  12. So people with 50 hour runs are making no OT on those hours since it's scheduled? I thought that was built in OT

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