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  1. also i really love what you did with the b24 and q104 my local bus aka the 24 it is really underloved like the 39 which still has only one bus on the whole route
  2. the only reason i came in like that is because no matter what page i go to someone always comments dude stop neucroposting stop this stop that i dont do nun i only say either some suggestions or commenting
  3. i dont care if im necroposting have you if there are any represenatives for mta a brooklyn route like the old s8x from brooklyn to si or even consider returning the s8x under a new name or something or even bring some routes back and remodeling them so they actually have a puporse cough cough b23 cough cough like you guys could have done so muuch and i believe it
  4. what about that elevated crash where a i think 6 ave el crashed in to a ninth ave el cause of a disc malf**ktion
  5. if you put old LIRR routes couldnt put the old LIRR evergreen line
  6. one route i have is the X from coney island to willamsburg via the f g and L then it splits at graham and then goes to either cooper park houses or ms 126
  7. all you need is a little bit of knowledge of the nyc mta subways and all your imagination make your own route or even bring back and remodel old subway routes and make then go anywhere like the 9 to westchester or the P to six flags anything you want
  8. can i make a sub pat called make your own subway route
  9. i was on that bus and i was scared as hell
  10. there is only one problem the q59 now just turns at metropolitan it dosent turn on meeker any more and shares the stop with the B24 now
  11. also i thought this was a brooklyn one as a whole where is the one for northeat brooklyn like willysburg and the point as people in my area call it (reffering to greenpoint)
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