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  1. Word man.... at this point im just ready to get it over with been a long and stressful process lol. Good Luck to you!!
  2. My number is in the 23xx’s i got a email that my appointment is tomorrow mind you my situation i did all of this in march even the drug test i did i hope i dont have to do all that paper signing again because i will just use the copies i was given back in march but im going to inquire about that all my info should be on file so hopefully the process is faster now.
  3. Congrats hope i hear something soon as well
  4. Did anyone hear anything back yet from the pre employment apps we were emailed about too fill out?
  5. I hope so today is the deadline i just sent a email just now so that will count as my 5th time.
  6. I sent my response in like 5 times 😂 just to make sure
  7. No i haven’t received anything yet.
  8. Yes i received a email yesterday as well im going to respond back too it now
  9. And yes im in the 23xx’s
  10. Oh yeah and thank you😄 i dont know how to pm on here
  11. I got the email on Thursday and that letter came today.
  12. Then i just got this in the mail which im lost as to what they are trying to say. As far as me previously being offside for : failed to report to interview when i never got a call nor email about any interview besides when i went to livingston street back in march of 2020. https://ibb.co/k3rgmXP
  13. Ok so i received this email Good afternoon Mr. Gray, Your name is on the current list for the Bus Operator Position. Please keep an eye on your email as we will be canvassing soon. Thank you, Employment Operations
  14. Only thing i can tell you is to use that email i put on forum restore your name and just continue to call up all numbers and emails you have until you find a solution because thats what i plan to do right after the holiday is over everyone should be back in office or whatever.
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