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  1. What's the difference between the accessibility announcement format and the format that was used before? I think that all the R160s have had the announcements for a while now but I didn't think the had a different format for them
  2. Well they fixed the power issue but now there's a switch problem at Briarwood so it's suspended again
  3. Update on the Culver reroutes: Weekends, August 27-September 27, from 9:30 p.m. Friday to 4:30 a.m. Monday (and Labor Day, September 6) trains will run between Court Sq and Smith-9 Sts, the last stop. To continue your trip, transfer at Smith-9 Sts for the . https://new.mta.info/signal_upgrades?fbclid=IwAR25XtwYK0Rai7CbWvibXhh2wvdcXRjlkXRWPMAJ_-08n5jbVVsEOe9h9_0 to Smith - 2009 vibes again I guess
  4. One oddity I noticed is that the program used the announcement for Rector St, and I'm not really sure why that is happening since it doesn't seem like something they'd change on purpose (especially this early into testing). I'm guessing that this is the same glitch that the R179s have with the next stop announcements where the computer can't find the line-specific announcements and defaults to whichever file is listed first (in this case the one for the to/from Whitehall). I also wouldn't be surprised if the files are listed in alphabetical order (based on which line they are used for) since all the other announcement videos from the R211 used the station announcement for the alphabetically lowest line that had an announcement for the station in the video, all of which just happened to be from the or . (in other words, what I'm saying is that I think the announcements might be organized by the alphabetical order of the lines and the system is defaulting to whichever line comes first in this list for any given station.) At the same time the Culver reroute programs on the R160s use the announcements by default even though there are announcements so I have no idea if my guess is completely wrong or if the Culver announcements are just set up differently
  5. I wonder if they could make the circle use tricolor leds (like the interior displays) so that they could have the circle color match with the actual color of the route the train is on; sort of like the signs on the inside of the trains I know the diamond on those signs is red but considering that those routes don't have any routes that are signed as diamonds I don't really think it would cause any problems (if they could replace the signs on the front of those R142s as well and make them multicolor that would be nice but there's no way they will do that)
  6. (since I don't know how to edit the previous post) The reason the was going via the in the first place is because the tunnel it normally uses to get to Brooklyn was already closed due to planned repair work, since I know some people might not know that's happening
  7. A C F service is significantly disrupted while NYPD attempts to apprehend an unauthorized person in the track area at Canal St. There is no northbound A C F service from Brooklyn into Manhattan. There is extremely limited southbound A C F service in Midtown/Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Here are more details... Manhattan Northbound A C trains are holding in stations in Lower Manhattan. Some southbound A C trains are ending at 59 St-Columbus Circle. Many southbound C trains in Manhattan are running on the D line from 59 St-Columbus Circle to 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Ctr and then on the F line to 2 Av, the last stop. Many southbound F trains are running on the F line from 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Ctr to 2 Av, the last stop. Brooklyn Most F trains are running only between Church Av and 4 Av-9 St. The last stop on all northbound F trains is 4 Av-9 St. Northbound A C trains are holding in stations. Reminder: G train service is suspended in both directions. (broken rail at Flushing Av) The QBL east of Briarwood was also closed for a bit (until about 20 minutes ago) due to a switch issue so riders must be having fun right now

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