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  1. I didn't know there were so many different mozaic displays, I used your design to make a rough model/drawing in openscad using my old code for the route sign, but I realize that its completely different from what I remember/recognize. I didn't realize that the different destination signs were so different. my one doesn't look right but idk. https://imgur.com/a/6mmpPoX
  2. That's really interesting, I have made a model of the route tile, but I have never seen the destination tile like this. did you make it yourself? the arcs look a bit different. I think the deisgner of these mozaic displays used the same kind of arc everywhere and some of the diagonals look off. though cause of corona and being unemployed I haven't seen a destination tile in person in a while. but this is a very interesting recreation. I like how you got the horizonal and vertical line thickness right.
  3. nice! if you can point me towards destination tile reference images maybe I can make a similar model for that if you want.
  4. I put it on thingiverse if anybody wants it. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4785826
  5. sorry, thanks for the help though. I can't tell if all of these segments are necessary, I wish I could have a clear reference. Its not much but I found a website where I can share the model so far: https://thangs.com/m/12000. I might drop this project since I do not have the means money or energy to finish this, maybe someone else here might find it useful.
  6. is it possible to include to include the "█" as reference to see what these displays look like when they are completely on?
  7. I think I am just trying to model the route tile, I think it looks the most aesthetically pleasing. could you tell me where I could find the font if you know? here is my progress so far (https://imgur.com/a/w1ngIpM) though I might abandon this project (I don't have the means to do much beyond some light 3d modelling since I am using linux and have no time, money or 3d printer) it still seems interesting.
  8. made an instant.io link. it works if we are online at the same time, and I am seeding. https://instant.io/#1ceb3366d7409b62af84aae6e913befbe0f41adb
  9. I have been looking into the R142A Mosaic LCD, I think its a really interesting and unique display. I started making some cad designs to try to replicate the display with addressable LEDs. I don't know if I have the energy money or motivation to continue the project, but I wanted to share what I have and learn more about this unique display. reference photos and fun facts appreciated. actually I am new to the forum, and I am unsure how to share these CAD files on here so I guess the best I can do is an image of the sketch I made on freecad. I also have some old cad stuff I made on solidworks but I don't have an easy way to pirate a copy and then install it on linux. :(. I put the files up on volafile, they will expire in 2 days but its the easiest way I could think of for now. https://volafile.org/r/1mw4h567r

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