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  1. Anyone between late 2200’s and 2300. And it will recertify on its own.. as long as the exam hasn’t expired, you are still being considered.. what’s your list number?
  2. @BreeBree I got it also! Everything went well. Didn’t have to make much corrections to my forms, I was literally the first one in there and seen. Was out by 1130 . So it’s official I’ll be seeing you the 25th! The wait is over!!
  3. Def will post as soon as I exit the building tomorrow. Thank you 🙏
  4. Congrats big time!! And thanks we def will be meeting soon! I’ll be there tomorrow so I’m looking forward to it as well.. did you have to fix your paper work again? Lol I’m doing mine now smh ! So repetitive.. but it’ll pay off in the long run
  5. What’s the word, how’d it go?
  6. Oh trust you’ll be fine . You already got this far . We’ll def chat at school car !
  7. Did you fill out all of that paper work again? So much!
  8. Good luck tomorrow . I have to go Wednesday morning to 180. Let me know what happens! My email says may 24th class . You too ?
  9. Yea so that seems correct. 🙏🙏🙏 . Hopefully you get sworn in the same day
  10. List number I believe .. I was 224*
  11. Oh wow congrats that’s awesome !! Everything is falling into place! . I haven’t got anything yet 😩
  12. Nothing today, probably next week though
  13. That’s a good question I’m not sure how long school car is.. but I should be in the may 31st class I was told .
  14. Currently a Normal day I’m working from 8am until 830pm. 5 days a week.. training was cool . Normal 8 until 4 but that was back in 2016 . They changed things now.

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