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  1. No they can’t disqualify you for points as long as your license is still valid. One person had points and a pending ticket they said just plead and pay but he said the ticket carried points so if he plead guilty he would get the points and that would make his license suspended. So they told him to try to get the ticket dismissed with a lawyer or you have to wait till some of the points come off because he couldn’t move forward without it being taken care of.
  2. Yeah if you got the email to come in next week or week after your good to go as long as you pass the medical
  3. Kevin said they were hiring 50 for this class the day I went I saw the sign in for track worker list numbers was from 70-130s so they went through about 60 ppl for 1 day .. I also saw ppl get turned away because of points and pending tickets and a lot of people missed the first email because it went to junk mail.
  4. Well anything can happen with paper work and medical you don’t want to give two week notice and then something go wrong you can always give a verbal notification if you happen to have a good relationship with your employer just make sure you do what’s best for your self and making sure you have employment.
  5. Says if you wear glasses or contacts to bring that also so I guess they might be doing medical and paper work In the same day because that’s 2 weeks from Monday.
  6. Just got an email conditional offer of employment to come in Thursday April 22 in the email it is the 22 page book and another 18 pages you need to have filled out also to bring money order for finger prints .. also states the class will start may 3rd .
  7. I also went for the TO in April of 2019 and remember the book but possibly this position doesn’t require the book ? She also didn’t ask to see my High school diploma which I had with me I guess we will see what happens no information for a medical yet. Last time I went it was like a week later I had a medical date
  8. I asked the guy at the front if today was the first day he said he’s not sure he works from home 4 days out of the week and only comes in on Friday's but he said this was the first time they are hiring off the list so they deff started from list number 1 first number for track workers on the sign in was in the 70s so I’m not sure if today was the first day or maybe the 2nd or 3rd
  9. I had the drug test today I was in and out took 1 hour 10 mins all together. Looked like they start at 8 and have each person scheduled 15 mins apart . Someone looked over your pre employment paper work that you emailed back in March then they ask to see your original ss card and birth certificate or passport. Then fill out a 2 page form then into the drug test . Guy at the front desk said they are looking to hire 50 right now I thought it would be a little more but he said keep an eye out for the medical email that’s next.
  10. I went through the process a few times for different titles and it all was the same it was about 3 trips to 180 Livingston the medical you will get cleared that day but they always made you come back for final processing it would make sense to have the medical and final processing in the same day since COVID but you never know Hopefully we can get a better idea of time line
  11. They sent out emails for the drug test and to show your paper work as far as I know so far only Friday(tomorrow) and Monday if you pass the drug test they will call you in for a medical if you pass that they will call you in for final processing where they give you a start date and take your picture for your id.
  12. So basically it’s 3 more steps then the drug test medical and final processing.. they give you a start date during final processing so if you get called in for that your good to go.. hope it don’t take to long after the drug test
  13. When you click the link on number 8 it tells you business casual along with what documents to bring every time I have went down it has been pretty relaxed I wouldn’t show up looking like you rolled out of Bed but I wouldn’t be in a tux lol
  14. Has anyone heard anything as far as drug test or anything past the pre employment paperwork?

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