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  1. Here we go😀: Vehicle 1438 Riders: 8 on route QM18-South Ozone Park - Midtown Express 1:10 ahead of 6:37:40PM. going →S. Ozone Pk 130 St via Lefferts Bl past 3 Av on E 57 St The map and the description do not match. According to the map the unit is crossing the Eddie Koch bridge. Only 8 riders. Is this the only bus that's been carrying air around or poor ridership is an issue in all routes?
  2. No trackers on 1438 as of now. Flying under the radar. A stealth bus.
  3. Two CP old timers 3010 and 3015 looking cool in their wraps. 3010, white, with a ClickUp ad "One app to replace them all" and 3015 in dark yellow scheme with writing "Rooftop kisses are back. Finally". Hopefully not on the top of 3015 zooming along the LIE.
  4. I am new to this forum so perhaps a member with more experience may want to chime in on my answer and confirm what I believe or refute it. Preferably someone with strong knowledge of the situation at the CP depot. I simply cannot imagine who would be "really desperate to keep the 29xx series in service" and why. Possibly some bus fans/transit enthusiasts, but I highly doubt their opinion has ever mattered to anyone at the MTA or NYCT making bus retirement decisions. And there is only one member of the 29xx series remaining, the 2910. Sadly, from what I hear the other 29xx series bus, 2936 is broken beyond repair. Are there any other 29xx series buses up someone's sleeve and up for discussion with a possibility of getting out of the retirement? If so, I'm running to open the Zinfandel bottle that has been sitting in my refrigerator since pre-COVID times. According to the publicly available records, the CP has 1 (ONE) D4500, the 2910, 135 D4500CLs and 26 "rookie" Prevosts in service. What separates the 2910 from the rest of the MCIs at the CP is that it is the only flipdot unit and the only one with a Detroit Diesel engine. But the CP is home to many very senior MCI, the 2004/5 units as well as the 2006 ones, many of which have been retired this year: 3009 and 3042 have been mentioned in this forum, other 2021 retirees are 3017, 3034, 3038, 3041, 3047, 3051, 3059, 3064, 3088, 3091, 3093, 3122 and 3123. While units 3000-3005 appear to be running daily, 3006 and 3007 have not been running since Jun 11th and Jun 10th respectively. May they be heading for retirement too? The 2006 MCI from other depots have been retired as well 3179 (EC) and 3233 (SC). Not to mention the retirement blitz of the 2008 CTs at Castelton. So it appears that older and more worn-out units are being retired. Is it possible that the 2910 is still running well and reliably despite its oldest chronological age? Would the Prevost rookies be simply retiring units at CP that are only "never" in terms of chronological age (than 2910), but are simply no longer reliable or simply broken? If you look at the list above (and these are only 2021 retirees) the number of the retired units is less than 26. But this changes if you begin counting units at CP retired last year. In this case will probably get the number comparable to 26, which is the number of Prevosts at CP.
  5. Does not look like. As of the time of writing this post. 1: Vehicle 2910 on route QM12-Forest Hills - Midtown Via 6 Av 0:39 behind 10:41:15AM. going ←Midtown 57 St via 6 Av aprchg 3 Av on E 34 St The only problem with the 2910 is its tracker. It is acting wacky at times and at times the bus' location on the map and the accompanying descriptions do not match. As indicated in other posts, it also tends the signal from the tracker seems to mysteriously disappear during the run and when I say disappear I mean it the location of the 2910 is lost (and at times lost for days) during the run or before reaching one of the destinations.
  6. Indeed the 2214 is burning midnight oil in Staten Island as I am typing this message (06-26): Vehicle 2210 on route SIM33C-Mariners Harbor - Greenwich Village Express 0:37 ahead of 2:15:12AM. going ←Mariners Harbor via N Gannon Av aprchg Henning St on Rion Av While the 2214 run earlier: Vehicle 2214 on route SIM35-Port Richmond - Lower Manhattan Express going ←Port Richmond via Clove Rd past Forest Av on Manor Rd Last seen 6:26:50 So both the 2210 and 2214 appear far away from Eastchester, both in therms of physical presence and/or depot affiliation. Let's see what happens over the weekend. The 2218 was last seen on May 5th in Downtown Manhattan. It can only be located by the NY MTA vehicle search, but not by the MTA bus search.
  7. A lot of older buses at CP run once every few days and no word of their retirement came out. Earlier, one of the established members of this forum has indicated that many buses remain at their depots due to the shortage of bus operators.
  8. Thank you. So what is going to happen to the remaining buses?
  9. So, does it mean the remaining '08s D4500CTs will be joining service at the MTA bus at a later date?
  10. Don't worry. And there is no rush to retirement, at least not for buses. Based on complaints about poor quality and reliability of new buses as per this forum and your YouTube posts, the old buses may be here for a long time. Do you think the Orions mentioned in your YouTube post may be pulled out of Eastchester back considering that the many 2021 Nova's are all broken in Kingsbridge?
  11. Way to go 3392. Do not rush. Eastchester can always wait.
  12. Are you sure. It appears to be running. Vehicle 3392 on route QM40-Lefrak City - Midtown Via 3 Av going →Rego Park Lefrak City aprchg 60 Av on 99 St Last seen 6:20 Also 3002 is present and accounted for: Vehicle 3002 on route QM2-Bay Terrace - Midtown Via 6 Av going →Bay Terrace Bell Bl via Whitestone Exy via Bayside past 23 Av on 211 St Last seen 30:42
  13. Has unit 3002 (D4500CL; 2004) from CP retired or is just under the weather. It has not moved since morning of May 25th.
  14. I know close to nothing about ordering buses, but both in personal and professional capacity I ordered equipment, at times quite expensive. Every time one places an order unless it specifically says that you are buying a scrap item or otherwise not fully functional one, it is stipulated that you expect high quality products. If plenty of new buses "have teething issues" to quote one of the veteran members, they need to be returned or replaced or fixed free of charge by the manufacturer. If, as stated by another member "over 75% of the batch is breaking down" decisive actions need to be taken: (i) demand free repairs or replacement from the manufacturer, (ii) slow down the retirement rate of MCIs, (iii) perhaps take some of the retired 4500's out of the retirement and back into service. Many of them lasted for long years if not decades. Perhaps another flipdot or two back into service.

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