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  1. I’m really excited for this news. I’m currently on the list for each exam but would certainly love to get into TA especially because I have prior city time. I hope they start processing early October as mentioned.
  2. Young I did reach out to the those emails with my information that was required and still never heard back. I was hoping for a phone number I guess.
  3. Does anyone have any info on how to put myself back on the hiring list for exam 9309 MTA BUS. I missed my initial appointment because I had a pending moving violation which is now cleared. I tried a while back emailing them with the email provided by young but I have not heard back from anyone and it’s going on two months now. Please anyone with some info.
  4. DQ you for what ? If you haven’t even started the true process yet.
  5. There is no yes or no it’s just a date to come down and start the hiring process…
  6. Man! it’s taking forever to hear back from this exam. I was emailed back for pre employment after I think 2 weeks for Exam 9309 MTA Bus. This one is dragging and I’m here dying to leave my job. I hope we here something soon. I’m also waiting to hear from exam 9618 ( TA ).
  7. I personally would’ve secured the job first. But I respect your decision! Good luck with the wedding and everything else.
  8. My bad I’m on several MTA Bus exams lol…
  9. For which exam? I’m still waiting ….
  10. Wow talk about curve ball. Lol I’m just going to wait. I’ve contacted MTA Bus via email to try and get the ball rolling again and haven’t heard back. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  11. I’ve heard this! MaBSTOA or NYCT which I’m on exam 9618 with them. However, the guys I’ve spoken to with MTA Bus say they get a lot of down time which they love. They also stated that eventually all 3 of the different bus companies will all have the same pension and retirement benefits etc. Not sure how true that is but I just want them to call me down Livingston… The wait for MaBSToA has definitely been longer than for MTA Bus.
  12. Sheeesh... I missed my initial preemployment for MTA BUS Exam 9309 due to a medical procedure I needed to get done. But then was contacted for MaBSToa Exam 0100 and I'm still waiting for a date for my preemployment. My deadline to submit the paperwork was June 15TH.
  13. Congratulations!! Can’t wait to get called to Livingston
  14. I replied to the email and sent in the pre employment packet before the deadline and still haven’t heard from them. This is taking longer than for MTA Bus I received an email a week after replying.
  15. Hey everyone I received multiple automated calls yesterday and an email asking if I was still interested in becoming a bus operator for this exam. B/O Exam 0100 MaBsToa. Crazy because I was also contacted in May for MTA Bus. Is MaBSToa the better of the two?

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