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  1. Lost hope? You’ll get the email inviting you down any day now I’m exam 0100 list # 2XXX. I went yesterday for my drug test.
  2. Thank you for all the info. Just listen to your instructions I’m sure you will be absolutely fine. Best of luck.
  3. I appreciate the quick reply. Thank you I forgot to ask while there.
  4. Sooo I just left Livingston. I got drug tested. It’s a pretty chaotic scene in there lol. Was wondering what’s the usual wait time to be scheduled for the medical ? Thanks
  5. I definitely understand what you’re saying but the MTA has already stated having a shortage of bus operators it is very much possible that they hire of multiple lists at a time like Corrections and NYPD do. I only say this because I received an email for exam 9618 stating that they will begin calling from that exam # in November. Don’t shoot the messenger lol.
  6. Young but the link you referred to when trying to correct me was exam 9604 and I’m referring to newly established list for exam 9618 those are clearly two different exams.
  7. I have no idea what you’re referring to that list was just established this past October no one has been called from Exam 9618 as of yet. Maybe you misunderstood me somewhere. I’m also on that list which is civil service and for TA Bus Operator.
  8. Thank you for all the tips and advice. I’m on my way to work now wondering how to tell my boss that I’m quitting just not right this moment lmao. Anyways good problems to have. I’m excited can’t wait for Monday. I’ll keep you guys posted. When NYCT 9618 calls I’m transferring right over btw no hesitation.
  9. Wow I just got the email from this exam. Pre employment on the 25th. OMG that’s 4 days from today talk about short notice.
  10. Don’t stress whats for you is already here. I don’t need to explain the differences since it was explained already but yea I just learned the differences myself. I have prior city time so for me NYCT is my best bet to buy my time back.
  11. Just take the job and transfer over to NYCT when they call. Secure getting in first.
  12. For Exam 0100? I thought u were on exam 9309 MTA BUS? I’m still waiting to hear from this exam
  13. Very valid point. I would much rather subject myself to weekly or even daily testing. But if push comes to shove I will simply just go get the vaccine smh.
  14. Good luck bro. I agree with you but I def want this job. Vaccine it is.
  15. I’ll worry about getting vaccinated when they actually call me down. I don’t want to get the damn vaccine but I won’t be dumb enough to pass up on the opportunity to get into the MTA because of it.
  16. Also scored a 90 list # is 7XX. I’m so excited I can’t wait. Thanks for the link!
  17. I’m really excited for this news. I’m currently on the list for each exam but would certainly love to get into TA especially because I have prior city time. I hope they start processing early October as mentioned.
  18. Young I did reach out to the those emails with my information that was required and still never heard back. I was hoping for a phone number I guess.
  19. Does anyone have any info on how to put myself back on the hiring list for exam 9309 MTA BUS. I missed my initial appointment because I had a pending moving violation which is now cleared. I tried a while back emailing them with the email provided by young but I have not heard back from anyone and it’s going on two months now. Please anyone with some info.
  20. DQ you for what ? If you haven’t even started the true process yet.
  21. There is no yes or no it’s just a date to come down and start the hiring process…

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