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  1. Anyone know what are other appropriate bags we can use, aside from the Kaka ?
  2. You’re right. Thats exactly what the lady that swore me in on Friday said.
  3. Don’t get discouraged just keep pushing forward. Even if you don’t get into the July class, you’ll get into the next one, gather all your medical clearance, school letters anything else thats missing so you can get into the upcoming class. I received my canvassing letter May 25th and just got sworn in on Friday, along with 2 others that had also received it around the same time. It wasn’t easy with medical hold, and other issues I had, now I feel like I can breathe for a little. Its a stressful process but just keep going.
  4. My apologies, I’m realizing I never responded to you I had emailed Olha Olha.nyahay@nyct.com at the employment center, she’s very nice and helpful but very busy . It’s almost impossible to reach her by phone but always responds through email. Good luck and sorry again.
  5. I ended up emailing the employment center and they emailed me the info. Im ready just hoping everything goes well. Thank you 🙂
  6. Thank you. I was expecting an email with instructions about going in tomorrow i'm assuming for the drug test, but I didn’t receive it, only the phone call. Are you expected to give anything in ? I would hate to go in unprepared.
  7. My # is 236x hopefully you’ll hear back from them soon.
  8. At least that gives me a few extra days to lose a few pounds. Thanks for letting me know
  9. Yes, I got a call today to go in Thursday @ 7:15 to continue the process. How about you? Can someone let me know if the drug test and physical exam are on the same day?
  10. Hey there is a check off list. I think the more you’re able to send in and check off the better. I also have to reply by Thursday. Does anyone know the link or where I can find the list numbers ? I cant find my letter with my list number. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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