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  1. I was hired off the exam 9309 which was held in 2019 for MTA bus company. I have not seen another test for Bus company after,which in my opinion calls for this hurry.
  2. I have heard every two weeks for an average of 100+ till January for TA,OA and Bus company.
  3. MVP will not allow you to work anything other than their job as per DOT standards. If you ask the wrong managerial person they will tell you just do not tell the "upper" management. My suggestion do the para transit,ask to work 4 ten hour days and sign up for OT on two of your off days which will give you a minimum of 16hrs of OT. Mvp is dying for operators and will accommodate you regardless of seniority,at least from my experience. Lots of luck.
  4. You know there's ALWAYS OT. I over heard some "senior" guys the other day saying"all these damn probies gonna get all my OT"
  5. We had 3 new operators come in the other day and from what I've heard from a supt we're getting another 12 in two weeks.
  6. I live in Staten Island as well and worked for Mvp on Richmond Rd for three years before I received the call from mta. Any questions let me know and I'll be more than happy to guide you
  7. Looks like they're rushing this exam as the need in MTA bus company is high, from my perspective.
  8. Congratulations. Street parking only! Please prepare yourself at least two hrs before to get a decent spot
  9. Hey. Just a heads up yes they are hiring off of exam 9309 MTA bus company as I have completed the hiring process and heading into training at Eastchester. My suggestion would be to follow up and follow through with 180 Livingston by any means necessary. They have tons of people,from all divisions of the transit family,that they hire for. They're looking for a bunch of bus operators I believe follow up and follow through is necessary. If anyone on the forums has any information to help out our future operator that'll be great.
  10. Good afternoon, I really don't think any of us know exactly what will occur. My suggestion would be to stay in contact with the person/emailer that sent you the email. Follow up and follow through is important not only to you,but your career with MTA. Best of luck.
  11. I'm out of Gun hill depot for training. I have Rich cerezo as well as a training superintendent Kevin Waite. I was told that there are 81 trainees in my class.
  12. Vision Hearing Blood pressure Additional drug test (rapid results) Weight You also sit at a computer and answer questions about your health. From my experience if you have any conditions I would personally go get a letter from your doctor verifying that your condition is controlled via whatever for of medication and your condition does not impede with your driving a CMV.
  13. I believe you need to look up pulmonary doctors. They are associated with sleep apnea and could diagnose you and run the test for both,yes you do have it or no you do not
  14. This is exactly what happened to me. Had to get every thing done and missed my June 6th class have to wait till August 15th class. Definitely get everything you need together before medical.
  15. Went for final processing today. Picture for pass taken as well as finger prints. If anyone else is in this next August 15th class see you there!
  16. Yes unfortunately they did not even see the your lady today who did not even have her cdl b permit. I will tell you what I did in regards to not having a dmv appointment. I went to my local DMV and explained the severity of needing my cdl b permit for this amazing mta bus operator opportunity. They allowed me in to take the air breaks exam which I only needed and then I received my permit. My suggestion to anyone is go down to the DMV and push for it they'll let you take the exam mostly all of the time without appointment.
  17. FYI for anyone going through the process. Just received email for final processing. Class begins August 15th.
  18. Yes in a email a while before the pre employment step.
  19. Oh no...I'm sorry I'm 51xx the xx is for privacy purposes.
  20. The email I received did not include my list number either. Every exam has their own list numbers as well.
  21. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I was called Tuesday to have my pre employment drug test done again today as the first one was exhausted (30 day window). I passed my medical on June 23rd but at that time no positions were available until this week. Hopefully no medical as it is good for 90 days. Anyone with any idea about that?
  22. Thank you. I was told that they do not have any openings for mta bus at this time. Everything was a go for me after seeing the doctor that day. Was told to email July 12th for status update. Hopefully class will be sooner.
  23. Was just wondering if anyone knows the class schedule for exam 9309. I do understand it is based on needs but wanted the "typical" round about schedule they use.
  24. Appreciate it. Emailed and will be following up. Another thing,can my BOSS test be transferred to Mabstoa.?
  25. I had a similar situation occur with the DMV. What I did was explain my situation with my local DMV and was able to take the written test and pass both airbreaks and general knowledge.

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