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  1. Sorry about that. Send me a link to the already existing post and lock this one.
  2. So as most of you may know, this coming weekend and last weekend the filled in for the between Bergen Street and Coney Island, while the went to Euclid Avenue via the line. (if this discussion already exists you can gladly lock this post
  3. What are your thoughts on the R211's Here's mine for those wondering: I think its perfect, its great for the disabled and its fresh new design, I'm also glad it's a fresh new design because I'm getting quite tired of the R143/R160/R179 design. It's downsides is I don't like how the announcements are like the R179. They use the / announcements for every line I believe. Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this train model.
  4. Since my other post of eliminating a line did quite well, which service would you decide to bring back.
  5. Change of plans: The express (a diamond <J> bullet would have been useful right about now) will be extended from Myrtle to Jamaica, my past proposal was inconvenient.
  6. With most people on this, I would eliminate the , and make a express service between possibly Myrtle and Broadway Junction.
  7. At this rate it doesn't act like it was made for either of those things
  8. You're right on that one, the subway is made for efficiency, not aesthetics.
  9. Like only people with malicious intent run over pets, this is disgusting.
  10. What I want to do is send the to Lefferts and from there on out, send all trains to Far Rockaway.
  11. I didn't notice the express & until seeing your comment, thanks though

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