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  1. Well it appears that Wayne Garage is helping Market Street with some local route trips. Saw an MCI this early morning downtown Paterson doing route 72. I thought either the headsign malfunctioned or the driver just decided to have it on display. Until I saw some people on board...a good amount, then I was like hmm. This evening during rush hour, again in Paterson saw Wayne's MCI helping Market Street. This time it was working on route 74. What the hell is going on with Market Street? I mean this isn't shocking news that a MCI has worked local intra state routes
  2. Who ever gets them better wash those backs good like CUSA. Some of Oradell's 21100s are already dirt black like an old D4000.
  3. It's been a long minute of those 21300s. Haven't seen them on the streets yet
  4. https://www.nj.com/news/2021/10/nj-transit-junked-its-equipment-sooner-than-it-should-have-now-its-on-the-hook-for-245m.html?outputType=amp
  5. This is interesting. I wonder how you guys at NJ Transit and riders feel about NJT overall being on that list https://www.nj.com/news/2021/09/nj-transit-named-a-best-employer-by-forbes.html
  6. Transit should be looking ahead to buy up some land in Central New Jersey to build a state of the art garage/depot if Academy either leaves the commuter/transit business or NJT cuts ties with Academy completely. Howell seems maxed out of 200 or so buses
  7. They should have never axed the 134 line to begin with. A viable option for those rte 9 customers on NJT
  8. Hmmm, it's why they some if Meadowlands 7100s, some 9000s from both Fairview and possibly Meadowlands and maybe some additional 21000s from the Meads 🤔
  9. Most of the cruiser buses are now staged outside of Garden State Plaza. Both Flxible Metro Ds are there along with forklifts, maintenance equipment, tow trucks and some former Wayne 9000 series coaches from Fairview helping with runs. Some MCIs are being pushed around by another MCI at the mall and some are being towed from Oradell to either the mall or elsewhere via I believe is Meadowlands wrecker. Saw it towing a Oradell cruiser outside Bergen Town
  10. https://www.newflyer.com/2021/09/county-executive-george-latimer-announces-first-all-electric-bus-to-bee-line-fleet/
  11. https://jerseydigs.com/first-phase-of-newark-penn-stations-160-million-overhaul-begins/
  12. https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/transportation/2021/08/25/nj-transit-board-approves-contract-metlife-stadium-shuttle-meadowlands/8198050002/
  13. 17185 is back in Wayne. Saw it this evening on route 190X in Paterson

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