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  1. Hello to all , I've got a situation that I need some guidance on , I passed the track worker test 8600 with a 95 and with the veteran credit I ended up with 100 for the test so I was in the high 20.000's . Now through poor judgment , I failed the drug test and the doctor called me and after all she said , she mentioned that I had a choice , either let it go or in an attempt to get reinstated , for me to take a drug counseling program that I was offered ,ok , well it cost me about $500 bucks for an assessment from a social worker to see as to which program to refer me to so I ended up in a virtual program that met once week for 8 weeks and I went through it and finished it and the social worker gave me a contact number to follow up with. I contacted the person to find out what would be my ne t step ,only to be told that being that it was policy to be taken out of the list once failing to pass the drug test . So if that would've been so from the get go , then why fill my head with hope , make me spend around $500 bucks and waste 8 weeks plus end up being surprised with a scarlet letter to any and all future city jobs that I apply to . So what say you that know more than me , I have plans to visit 180 Livingston Street's MTA personel (human resources) as recommended by an about to retire MTA track worker. Someone please help me.
  2. Thank you for clearing that up , much appreciated.
  3. Hi , thanks for the information , however , you mention that some things are done based on seniority , I suppose that it's that to do with your placement order on the results of the test of no .
  4. Hello all , I got # 28 in the waiting list but hit a snag that I am clearing up to hopefully continue to be called for the medical part of the hiring process this month . I understand from reading some posts that one gets a choice as to what hours and what days and at what locations one would prefer to work , now , I live in Coop city in The Bronx , please excuse my ignorance but what are my choices to pick from to work at somewhere near me or not too far from me .
  5. Is there a current class for hiring for track worker exam 8600 and if so when is the next upcoming class .

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