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  1. Well, that’s frustrating, I am not going to lie here. Mostly, it’s because we need a place where to put the trash. Otherwise, I think that they don’t have to complain why everything is on the floor and is a complete mess. Look, you can see this place disposal bin and that can help you. I don’t know, if you have someone from local authorities, maybe you could suggest it, so they start using those bins. It’s not expensive, especially for a state, but it can help with a lot of problems!
  2. Damn man, why this world is so rude. I mean, you have gone a long way learning for an engineer, and now after 21 years of work, you're fired because of other things. Hopefully, I'm going to be an engineer too, isn't it awesome? And I already found an agency that will provide the next steps after University. So many choices to make, but how I said, I'm not going to change my mind. I hope that you will find a good option for work. I'd suggest trying to get hired in good companies( https://www.nolanrecruitment.com/ ). If the company you work for has a good reputation, you will have excellent conditions.

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