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  1. I’ve been appointed to the October 4th class
  2. So I went Friday for drug screening and now I report Tuesday for final processing .
  3. 15xx but I missed my first medical in July , went in august got put on hold and then cleared on 8/27 to now go in 9/17 for second drug screening
  4. I just received an email to come in Friday @630 for the second drug screening no need for paperwork just ids
  5. When I cleared mine last week , they told me to email dcas to be put back on list, what did they say to you?
  6. 15xx, but I missed my very first medical ..
  7. So I cleared my medical hold today and they told me august 30th class is full and that I have to wait till the week of sept 6 to have my name restored to the certification for future hiring .
  8. I was in the same spot, they responded to me within the same week and gave me a date for medical , which i’m currently on hold for my sleep test results. this was last week when they responded and gave me new date
  9. I emailed both Vargas and RTO employment, they both responded telling me when to come in
  10. Hey thanks again, i’m back on track and go in this Friday for medical.
  11. Thanks, do you guys have a phone number to the employment office that I can also call?
  12. So I just searched for that email , had the conditional offer sent to me July 9th and didn’t find it till now, so I emailed her waiting on a response to see what I can do .
  13. I’m just curious i’m not 15xx and haven’t been called for medical but you those of you in the 17s have and sworn in…….am I missing something?
  14. Is there a list of certified doctors or I can go anywhere I can get tested ??

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