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  1. So today was day 5 in uptown Manhattan and went as smooth as I would've ever imagined. Tomorrow and Wednesday are the real deal🙏
  2. Nah but I think I know who you're talking about. I think he's in Eastchester. He's I believe he's the one in one of those videos on the these forums preping people on how to park the bus
  3. @lornaevo yes you are 100% correct. Learn from my mistakes is the key. Hand over hand is killing me. I need to get that push n pull technique down and 4" of spacing on the right side. The yelling doesn't get to me cause I get the supt laughing at my sly remarks( supt was like look at him all nervous and scared,, I'm intimidating him) I was like come on now, all that screaming and hollering is only giving me a headache and quite honestly, it isn't good for your blood pressure. All the supt could do is laugh. They even told me that its incredible how I handled the pressure while others in my class has told the supt to please stop yelling cause they are nervous.
  4. Good morning. Yes you are correct. Yesterday was day 4 and I drove on the highway to white plains to do straight line backing, parallel parking and pillars and everything else we learned on days 1-3. Today I had a sit down with the supt and they asked me what do I think of my performance so far and I simply said that I need to get out of my old habits (hand over hand) and work on my 4' spacing on the right-side. Then I told them I also need to work on example.... making a left turn, approach the reference point (setup the turn) when its clear to turn, look right and then start the turn. As I'm turning, take a quick glance at the front, then glance at my left mirror to check my left pivot has cleared then look at my right mirror and follow through and straighten my wheel. The supt said it was nice to know that I'm paying attention and reading the book (Bus Bible) and said I have the alsaps and pretrip nailed down but to come back on day 5 and work on what I told them. They said I know you can drive the bus, but we need you to do it the way transit wants you to do it. Moral of the story... Listen and watch what everyone is doing wrong behind the wheel and take notes. I try to help others in my class as much as I can, example alsaps and pretrip etc. Explaing the different turns and so on. Now I'll just have to execute these wrong doings of mine to keep this drill sgt from yelling as much🤣
  5. Thats 100 percent correct. The fact is we as students as we're phrased should be getting 100percent from the supt. Not 50 percent, especially when you only have 5 days to learn. Thank god for the book and videos out there on YT. Alsaps I'm familiar with, pretrip as well. Im actually helping all my classmates trying to get them to learn it. We all meet up at 5am and get there so they can practice it. As far as people failing, I already had one guy trying to quit cause of all the yelling but I told him hang tight and fix whatever the supt is writing down on your progress sheet.
  6. I'm all for the yelling and hollering. The supt was like look at you all nervous and I replied, nothing to be nervous about and kept my cool. After I was done driving I told the supt all I actually got was a headache and we just laughed it all up.
  7. I thought this training was supposed to be so profesional and its the complete opposite. Sh*t is ratchet as hell. Screaming n hollering and supt talking on the phone and stopping in between our training to run personal errands. I must have some bad luck. Went as far as making a student drive on a highway w/o the convex being fixed properly. I understand why the supt pointed the convex mirror all the way up, so the student would look for their pivot on the flat mirror like you're suppose to but to make the student take the highway blindly like that is uncool. I don't think I'm making it through cause I've just had about enough the unprofessionalism. Thats just ludacris.
  8. This is an awesome read. Thanks. I appreciate all the info. I report tomorrow to Zerega for day 0. I'm so excited👍
  9. Good afternoon. I understand the frustration. (I've been there) Whenever I tried to contact them, I found that between 9am to 1pm were the sweetspot to get a hold of someone. But just know that I was constantly getting sent to a voice-mail but I kept hanging up and calling back repeatedly. Persistence is key and above all patience. Good luck and I hope you get through to someone
  10. But I'm sure you knew that already✌
  11. I would personally stay away from OT during probation. Do your 40 and keep it pushing. No need to risk accidents during probation but to each their own. Good luck👍
  12. I wouldn't know that. My list # was 9** hopefully that can give you an indication or someone can chime in with more info.

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