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  1. Per other posts I've seen on this forum, your Track Worker list number would not be thrown out if you go through the pre-employment process for Conductor.
  2. Well I know they are in the 4000's for canvassing the conductor list. Not sure what number they are at for track worker.
  3. It may have been an error. Did you take the Conductor 6601 exam? If you are on both lists then that could be a possibility. Otherwise it was probably an error. Email the exam unit.
  4. Yes. Anything from HS graduation and on you must put down. Just mark the time from graduation until you started your first job as unemployed. If you were a college student or in some sort of training program put "Unemployed - Attending college" or something along those lines.
  5. They may not have a list together until a date closer to the tentatively scheduled November 15th class. Just pe patient. That is over 3 weeks away now. Like @Schecter pointed out, they have been calling former TSS's out of retirement to head schoolcar classes so that could prolong waiting times as well. I would say if you've already passed medical and are just waiting for a class that is already a win. You could also just keep reaching out to the numbers and emails you're already contacting for updated info when it is available to them.
  6. Earlier in this thread people have mentioned having issues with them. Try going back to read what advice was given.
  7. Try emailing these people: RTOEmploymentOperations@nyct.com Nayibel.Mejia-Burbano@nyct.com Michelle Riverva-Vargas @ (347) 643-8218 Michelle.Rivera-Vargas@nyct.com Olha Nyahay @ (347) 643-8217 Olha.nyahay@nyct.com Also, try Emma Marie Rivera (manager of employment operations and EVP/human resources) (347) 643-8523 Emma.Rivera@nyct.com As well as Patricia Lodge (image info below)
  8. Maybe ask them when you show up for the medical. When I got called for medical I was asked if I could commit to the upcoming class date or else they would have me come in at a later date.
  9. Glad it worked out. Good luck with landing the job. 🤞
  10. Your list number does not change. In your case it is still 704x. The certification number is for people currently being considered for the job. There is always an allotment of list numbers that are certified. Only those list numbers that have been certified will be picked from at that time.
  11. It wouldn't hurt to be specific like that.
  12. That may be a while. At the earliest some time next year; but that is assuming they continue to hire off the list at the same breakneck pace as they are now.
  13. It could be 3-90 days between drug testing day 1 and medical day 2 but it seems they are hiring faster so may be more like a week or so...but that is just an educated guess. I was placed on hold for neck size and high BMI. I have to do sleep apnea testing. I am up for Conductor but the same applies for Train Operators. If your blood pressure is high or your neck size is over 17 inches or BMI higher than 32? (I do not remember the exact number) then you may be placed on medical hold. I have read that some people have just taken doctor's notes explaining pre-existing conditions and the kept them from being placed on hold. I have also read people saying the opposite occured and they were still placed on hold. Before medical you will fill out paperwork that asks about pre-existing conditions and what you may be taking for them. The doctor will also go over that with you once you're there.
  14. If you got the canvass letter last week and returned the completed paperwork back to them by the deadline in the email then you haven't technically gone through pre-employment yet. You will hear back from them about pre-employment and drug testing and that email, text or phone message will have a date and time of your drug test.
  15. The canvass email will not give you a date to show up. The canvass is sent to people whose list numbers are within the alloted amount of applicants to be certified for a certain time. Those applicants will get the canvass email at staggered times. It's basically saying this job that you were interested in may now be available to you. You fill out the forms and send them back. At some point after that you will get an email for the pre-employment phase which will start with drug testing. That email will state a date and time for you to come in to be tested. Once that is done (and you do not fail the drug test) you will be contacted again to continue pre-employment by coming in for medical testing. They will give you a 21 page packet of forms to fill out and another date and time to come in for the medical portion. Should you pass medical you would then be fingerprinted and sworn in. Should you be placed on medical hold [like I was and still am] you will have 100 days from your medical appointment date to clear the hold.
  16. I've never heard of a list number changing. Double check that that's what you're reading correctly.
  17. I was 2 minutes late getting to you but I'm sure someone else will ask. Use the link here to find your list number. I says 6601 (Conductor) but 7604 Train Operator can be found in it too. To find your name click on the search tool 🔍 and type in 7604 and your name. It should show you your list number.
  18. This is a link to the 14-page pre-employment packet for non-driving titles (such as Conductor) that they send in the canvass letter email. Link here
  19. You reply to the email they sent to you saying that yes you're interested. You will fill the paperwork out and return to the email address they specify in the canvass email. You will bring your completed paperwork with you to your appointment as well.
  20. You can complete the application in Adobe and then print out and sign the pages that need signing and email it back to them OR you can fill the while thing out by hand and then email it back to then. Either way you'll bring a copy with you to give to them at the appointment.
  21. Drug testing is done there at 180 Livingston. The drug test is the appointment.
  22. A Driver's License is not required for this conductor position. If you have a Non-Driver's ID that is fine and acceptable.
  23. You can check any current open IT positions with the MTA here. These (all, I believe) positions do not require an exam. You apply through the site with a resume and cover letter and any other qualifications they may list.
  24. You will not be offered employment right after the drug test. In the Notice of Examination found here you'll see the residency requirement says that residency in NYC is not required for this position.

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