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  1. It says I can’t send direct messages so I’ll just ask here. For the most part I work the graveyard shift in my job but my schedule is sometimes open to change. Is MV flexible with the schedule? I would want to work both jobs but do they allow it? I was thinking of working an afternoon shift (2pm -10 pm preferably) and then go to work the graveyard shift in my current job now. I spoke with someone before who worked there and they said guys work double shifts sometimes so that kinda tells they don’t care about DOT rules all that much.
  2. Hello all. Do any of you guys have experience with the new NYC School Bus Umbrella Services, Inc? NYC Department of Education bought out Reliant Transportation and has gotten into the School Bus business. The transaction went through recently and I’m seeing ads from Indeed about it. I live in Staten Island and I’m looking to see if there is a company that will hire and train for the Passenger + School Bus endorsements for my CDL Class B. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the heads up but that is a heck of a trek for me. I live in Staten Island.
  4. Thank you for your insight, I appreciate it. I don’t have the air break restriction but I unfortunately would have to get the passenger and school bus endorsements on my license for most driving jobs. If there is a company that trains to get them, that would be sweet! If being a Paratransit driver doesn’t work, are you aware of other opportunities that I could put my license to use?
  5. Hello all, new member here. I currently possess a CDL Class B and am interested in this position with this company. I have a few questions; does the company offer training for the Passenger and School bus endorsements required? Do I need a DOT medical card? Do they follow DOT regulations (8 hour rule) if I drive for another company currently and want to work for both? I understand that the drivers are represented by ATU Local 1181. Do they fight for you? I know the drivers voted for a new contract last year, what’s the pay structure like? Ex: Starting pay and is there a waiting period for top pay? Last but certainly not least, the schedule. Since it’s a union job, do drivers use seniority to make their schedule like school bus drivers or does the company work with the drivers for a set schedule? Is overtime mandatory? Thank you, I look forward to your responses.

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