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  1. I got a LED Sign from one of my friends and he gave it to me to program that it could read something else instead of "welcome". I like to add more messages to it. I've been searching for software to rework the contents but doesn't understood anything. It's a 96 x 16 with 3 panels. The first panel is Green, the second is Red, and the third one is Blue. Their combination makes 96 x 16. It has an on and off switch on the power cord and it has a secondary cable which is a female USB adapter. I don't have a male-to-male USB cable to connect this with my computer. I needed to check if that is what I'm expected to do. I tried inserting a USB drive into it and it shows in bright blue led letters "USB... NULL". Now, I'm confused. One of my friends has suggested getting the help of a sign-making company from his previous experience. I'm unsure of what to do here. Any suggestions
  2. Joseph L


    I'm Joseph L Hall. Really happy and excited to be a part of this forum.

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