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  1. What I’m saying how did you contact them(phone,email) ? Or did they call or email you?
  2. I did mine on oct 13th and haven’t heard anything
  3. How you reply to them and how did they reply back ?
  4. How do you be on top of them? Is there a contact ?
  5. I got en email for pre employment on the sep 28th, got an email a week later to come in on oct13 for the pre employment/drug test, haven’t heard anything for medical. I know it’s been a little over a week but when I was down there a lot of people were saying they got a email for medical not even a week later after drug test .. trying to to be impatient lol did you receive and email or phone call for medical ?
  6. When did they call you in for pre employment ?
  7. Let me know when you get the email/phone call .. post in the thread ! Since you’re a little ahead of me ! Thanks !
  8. unfortunately it just says share, trying to edit it or delete but nothing
  9. how do I delete or edit? I didn't realize lol
  10. Took my pre employment last week on Wednesday 10/13. Patiently waiting for medical and my list number is 2591
  11. Thanks for clarification! Just took the drug test yesterday! Another question, is Staten Island railway apart of RTO division?
  12. Can someone please explain what A & B division is (locations?)? Thanks so much

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