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  1. this one came out wrong B) my finger :eek: finally on my way home
  2. At first I wanted to see them get hit but now I'm glad they didn't, because then we got a T/O in trouble because of these idiots on the tracks, and body parts all over the place
  3. very nice shots, which camera did you use?
  4. nice, i like the first video good job:p
  5. 137th Street City College 145th Street 168th Street Central Park North 110th Street 145th Street (
  6. yea it was ok, visited fam, tried out the new train system over there, too bad i didnt have a camera but it was fun i guess, how are things with you?

  7. i was in DR a few weeks ago for vacation but now im back

  8. sup, sorry for not responding so quick but I was out of the country

  9. for anybody wondering, no i didn't take this photos myself, its a collection from different websites
  10. it's a compilation from nycsubway, i give credit to them
  11. * credit goes to nycsubway.org for these photos * (X) ®
  12. I found this at nycsubway.org (just thought it looked cool and rare since I've never seen a ( train like that)
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