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  1. I'm like everyone else here waiting for the list to come out. Just got done filing for the next Mabsota exam number 4105
  2. It should be around next year depending on the vacancy when they will start going from the list. It does take time and its a long process.
  3. Has anyone on this form took the BOSS exam in November of 2013 for MaBSTOA? We should be getting a notice in March of this year.
  4. I remember from the previous exam you get a list number first then you get a notice in the mail to take the BOSS exam.
  5. Just checked my answer not too long ago and I passed! I'm not going to say how many I got wrong, but I already been there and done that. Just keep in mind everyone you only need a 70% to pass and yes the list will be extremely long but also keep in mind they may be a lot of people might not get in for a lot of reasons even if you scored very high. Trust me I know and eventually everybody will get called from the list when your time comes.
  6. The results are coming in 4 days can't wait!
  7. The best way to go about this is to find out the date, time, color admission, school where the exam was held, bus map, etc.
  8. I'm totally aware there were different exam booklets and also the bus maps were either Brooklyn or Queens. Yes there were color admission letters that people had were yellow, pink , and white on Sunday when I was there.
  9. Anyone who went this past Sunday to take the exam at Brooklyn Tech H.S. PM session, and would like to compare your answers you can IM me if you want to keep your answers confidential.
  10. Did anyone on this forum took the BOSS last month for Mabsota ?
  11. I agree I've been there myself. Only time will tell
  12. I'm confident that everyone did well on this exam. From reading a few threads this evening I've noticed that there are people that took the same exact exam but however the bus maps were different and so were the questions on the exam. The exam were similar but some people had two different Bus maps one Queens one Brooklyn. I took mine this Sunday and I had the Queens Bus map. Anyone who took the exam this Sunday afternoon around 1:30pm at Brooklyn Tech H.S. and had Queens Bus map I want to compare the answers just instant message me if you want to keep your answers confidential.
  13. My last name begins with an A too but don't think it might be the case.
  14. to be honest with you I never knew anyone that failed the BOSS. that's what it's all about waiting for your time to come. been there done that.
  15. That's pretty much correct. The BOSS is questions like if you was going to an interview, and the same questions can get repeated twice. Usually you will have a list number before the BOSS exam because they do send notices in the mail.
  16. You only need a 70% to pass the exam and they do call from the list. Trust me on this one because I already have been there myself. They go by what you scored on the exam from the highest to the lowest and you on a list#. Even with people that score really good might not get the job for many reason, such as bad driving record, failing a drug test, criminal records, dishonorable discharged from the Armed Forces, not passing a physical, and for any other reason. Usually the list number last about 5 years, and there is a shortage of drivers. Just got to wait and see. If anyone whats to compare your answers from the exam you can hit me up a instant message if want to keep your answers confidential.
  17. You're right about that it was a lot of reading comprehensive but at times the question was a little tricky but I had to read it again and it made perfectly clear what they were asking about. A lot of us flip the page back just to mark down right the answers. I feel comforted I did alright but at the end of the exam it got a lot easier for me with the codes and especially I live in Queens they had a map of the borough where the bus stops and landmarks were.That was nothing to me.
  18. Just go done taking the afternoon exam at Brooklyn Tech H.S. if anyone was there today, and want to check the answers together let me know. Also I notice outside the school there were a lot of people that had pink, yellow, and white notices for the exam, and the lines were split up. I had the pink notice...
  19. The exam is cake its common sense but it is a lot of reading. I take mine on Sunday at 1:31 pm at Brooklyn Tech H.S. Just to let everyone know that this is not the first time taking it. I took the TA B/O exam back in 2008 and passed it so basically I'm doing everything all over again. I took the BOSS exam last month at the same location for Mabsota if anyone took there's last month. Wish everyone the best of luck!
  20. Congrats Igor! what depot are you trying to go to?
  21. Hey Goose! Just an update on Igor he sent me an email a few days ago that he messed up on day 6 so he couldn't`t qualify on day 7. Had day 9 and 10, and he's in a nervous break down, because he really wants it bad...after that nothing else. Today was Day 10 so let's see...we were in the boat like him while back...did read my email about Siegel? Let me know...

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