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  1. This forum is not the place to push your agendas it is a fan forum
  2. There were probably track workers in the area
  3. What would make the most sense would be to build the air train to jamacia and connect it with the existing jfk air trian. Building the air train to connect with only the port washington branch will not do anything to help people from the eastern part of long island who might want to use the train to the air train to get to lga.
  4. the r32s cannot go on the they are banned from the montague tunnel
  5. 578 was on the 5 in Harrison this afternoon
  6. There will have to be three and four car sets in this order to accommodate the 42nd st
  7. The XDE60's from the 20 are probably being rotated to the other routes that use artics
  8. I took the opa back in April and I am still waiting for my score
  9. isn't the one of the first to be suspended if there is some type of distruption? If so it would not be going via montague anyway. The better reroute for the and would be via the
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CI8UPHMzZm8
  11. A light rail line from Jamaica to LGA would be better. It could include a branch to citi field to allow for people coming from eastern li who are taking the train to citi field to get there without having to go to woodside.
  12. Do we need to send the money order in before taking the opa or do we bring it with us?
  13. Taking the opa on april 18. list number 29xx

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