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  1. Worst every outside stop on the N every elevated stop on the F except ditmas and Coney Island....oh don't forget 3ave-149st...and they did a horrible job at Franklin ave on the 2 3 4 5....new lots age on the 3....and Hoyt schemer horn
  2. I think the 2 c and r are the worst....never really had a problem with the b probably because I always take it from Brighton beach so it's always there
  3. Doesn't it run every 5to 7 mins rush hour Speed wise I would say the b15 and b8 and take away south bound b41 limited during morning rush have it run every 6mins starting at 7am
  4. Lol they have more seats though and window seats
  5. Can someone send me a link to an updated bus depot roster that ttmg site doesn't work
  6. Hey did anyone here the new 2 train announcements in Brooklyn? It now says "2 train to Brooklyn college next stop church ave" and it's a new lady speaking too lol
  7. The real question is why was he going over 100 in the first place...????I heard the limit was 70 anyway

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