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  1. Last I spoke to Mrs. shivers, she told me the October & November classes had a lot of people who got off medical hold and were reinstated. So it slowed the movement of the list a bit. I went thru the same waiting game for conductor and I waited 10 months from the initial drug test to get hired. Be patient. You weren't disqualified.
  2. I'm still waiting tommy. I'm in the 1620 range. I took the drug test in September. By the way, don't think too much about it. This is how the process is sometimes.... a waiting game. Give Mrs. Shivers a call if you need validation.
  3. you don't raise your hands for the audiometric. you're alone in the booth and push a handheld button in each hand.
  4. what the government really needs is a harsh reminder that they exist to WORK FOR US.... we do NOT WORK FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!
  5. mccain's citizenship was also brought into question by the democrats while he was running (which is 100 times more pathetic being that he was born on a MILITARY BASE in panama because his father was an official in the NAVY)....... was it because he is a republican and white? *rolls eyes* to think people are truly disappointed in our presidency because of his skin color really shows how black and white YOU view this world. obama is a typical politician; TALKING THE TALK but not WALKING THE WALK. WHERE'S THE DELIVERANCE??? oh right, he is still cleaning up the white house after bush which is the main excuse people give for him....... meanwhile the collapse of our economy actually is rooted from clinton's policies of giving people money they can't afford to pay back. this two party political system we have is the problem. it breeds nothing but CROOKS, including our precious OBAMA. WAKE UP!!!!!!!
  6. heh, i'll say it again... congrats and good luck.
  7. i seriously doubt that you are 30 years old because this statement shows that you still have A LOT of growing up to do.
  8. what an excuse to be lazy. i worked part time during the week and a 12 hour shift every saturday while i was in college and i still had more than enough time for homework and classes. neither responsibility was neglected and i have my BA and 3.7 GPA to show for it. so give me a break with that excuse. most college students don't even go to college 5 days a week, they go 4. and that's what? a whole 4 hours a day, 16 hours a week? you got PLENTY of time to be productive and build some work experience for your resume instead of relying on mommy and daddy or whining for handouts... then whine some more that no one wants to hire you after you graduate because you have absolutely no work experience.
  9. give me a break. people can bitch all they want. i've worked since i was 17 years old to pay my own way because i wanted to depend on no one but my self. i never asked for... nor was even offered handouts, for that matter. I WORKED and paid for the services that i needed. i lived with roommates up until 4 years ago and i still saw a chunk of my paycheck disappear in terms of rent & necessary bills. spoiled, my ass. if you want to use the MTA's services, PAY YOUR FARE. if not, take a taxi and pay 10x more instead.
  10. when i went to CSI, i didn't get free shuttle bus service to the ferry. i had to get a job and pay for it myself. if it gets scrapped, tough luck.
  11. wait a minute.... why do college students need to get discounts all of a sudden? when i was going to college, i didn't get one. why can't college students find a job working part time somewhere to fund their own monthly unlimited card? i hear mcdonald's is hiring. boy... have times changed. everyone feels like they are entitled to everything without having to lift a finger.
  12. ummm seal...... 1) we don't wait for medical results. we know the same day whether we pass or fail and 2) we don't even get fingerprinted until AFTER we pass the medical. from what i remember, i got fingerprinted the morning i went in to take my oath. so essentially i was sworn in before the investigation even began. i don't know where you get your information from, but don't act like you know how the system works when you clearly don't. as i stated, someone got terminated on the spot less than a month after school car was finished for omitting information from his criminal history. not employment history. not "getting in trouble" in school car. omitting criminal history. if they find any discrepancies, you will be terminated immediately.
  13. it seems as though they have zero tolerance when it comes to lying or conveniently omitting information from your application. i know someone who got fired on the spot a couple weeks out of school car for omitting criminal history information. don't go through all that training for nothing and let it happen to you. just be honest. double check with the employment information desk, if they can't help i am sure they will transfer you to someone who can.
  14. most people who become vegetarian/vegan for animal liberation purposes do so because they don't want to support the barbaric and inhumane methods used by the industry. it has nothing to do with believing that nature should be rainbows and butterflies and furry animals living harmoniously together in the wilderness. we have the ability to reason. animals do not. they deserve the protection.
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