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  1. Hope You Guys Enjoyed Thank You Daniel Molina TransiTube Media
  2. I forgot the best Photo I took Down there Hope You Enjoy Thank You!! Daniel Molina
  3. Thank You !!! :-D Thank You!!! Thank You!!! :-D
  4. Thank You!!! :-D Thank You!!! :-D Thank You!!!
  5. Hope You Guys Enjoy :-D Hope You Guys Enjoyed Thank You Daniel Molina
  6. Enjoy The New Market Street Bus Terminal Hope You Guys enjoyed Thank You Daniel Molina
  7. Thank You, I have been in transit forums for 4-5 Months now I just haven't posted for a while
  8. enjoy Hope you guys enjoyed Thank You Daniel Molina
  9. Ok I see what he means, for a min I thought the B44 went to downtown brooklyn at rush hour BTW, I know the B44 dont pass by Downtown brooklyn
  10. Great shots dude what cameria you brought
  11. \ Thank You guys Thank You, B44 Southern Terminal? Thank You, I saw it Monday But I didnt Ride it Thank You The Artics are My favorite Buses, and I lovee the 5500s and the 1000s, I see Them Everyday and love the way the 5500s sounds.
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