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  1. Hope You Guys Enjoyed Thank You Daniel Molina TransiTube Media
  2. I forgot the best Photo I took Down there Hope You Enjoy Thank You!! Daniel Molina
  3. Thank You !!! :-D Thank You!!! Thank You!!! :-D
  4. Thank You!!! :-D Thank You!!! :-D Thank You!!!
  5. Hope You Guys Enjoy :-D Hope You Guys Enjoyed Thank You Daniel Molina
  6. Enjoy The New Market Street Bus Terminal Hope You Guys enjoyed Thank You Daniel Molina
  7. Thank You, I have been in transit forums for 4-5 Months now I just haven't posted for a while
  8. enjoy Hope you guys enjoyed Thank You Daniel Molina
  9. Ok I see what he means, for a min I thought the B44 went to downtown brooklyn at rush hour BTW, I know the B44 dont pass by Downtown brooklyn
  10. Great shots dude what cameria you brought
  11. \ Thank You guys Thank You, B44 Southern Terminal? Thank You, I saw it Monday But I didnt Ride it Thank You The Artics are My favorite Buses, and I lovee the 5500s and the 1000s, I see Them Everyday and love the way the 5500s sounds.
  12. Hope You Guys Enjoy!!! Hope You Guys Enjoyed!! Thank You Daniel Molina
  13. Thank you Curake I found an Avatar to match with my handle Thank You Danny
  14. Thank you I like that Westchester Flexible picture you have B.T.W Does anyone know how I can get an avatar picture to put next to my handle THE REDBIRD Because it look kind of Plain. Help would be Appreceated Thank You Danny
  15. Hope you Enjoy I know its late and I know it was posted on subchat already Plase dont make it a big deal if you saw them on subchat anyway Hope you guys Enjoy Thank You Daniel Molina 103rd Street
  16. Thanks for the welcome, I love the last one you see Grummen 2089 and Fishbowl. Thanks you and Thanks for the Welcome. you will see more photos From Me in the future. BTW I love The LL Avatar you have and love the BEE Line Logo You left on your profile I want to learn how to put a avatar Thank you and Thanks for the Welcome THE HAT how is everything Thank You and Thanks For the welcome and I will Enjoy My stay on this forum Thank You Daniel Molina
  17. Thank you, and yes I know who you are lol Domenick well its peaceful over here thank god to that. Thanks for the invite Danny New York City Transit
  18. I havent checked it out But I will look at it


    cool Metro North Picture BTW

  19. you got some good shots keep up the good work you was around my area taking the metronorth pictures at 97 street keep up the good work

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