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  1. Thanks for the Happy Birthday!! :tup:

  2. WOW thanks that's so cool. How did you make that?

  3. Oh lol, and yeah there's a ton of new bus shelters going up around here, and Merrick might be completely "new bus sheltered" soon.

  4. 8:42 lmao, it's time for what though?

  5. Cool, looking forward to it. I'm gonna try to get some QM21 pics next week. Hopefully one passes by when I'm waiting for the Q85.

  6. Nope but I haven't really been around a bus in a while

  7. Lol that would be cool instead of having to walk from Hillside to Archer and all of that. Jamaica does need a central bus/train station imo.

  8. Nice, the Q3 needs a limited very bad, I rode it recently and it just dragged on forever. Never riding it again lol. I think where you started the limited and ended it are perfect.

  9. Yeah, it's interesting, I've always wondered why it was +80. I think Staten Island has something similar but it's like 70's +20 = 90's I think.

  10. I just realized that Forest Glen was 2 stops away from Glenmont (my old stop) lol.


    Nice D.C. Metro pic.

  11. I like your sig lol

  12. Happy 20th Bday!!!

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