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  1. I hated these, they seemed to live on the Q85 during the most crowded periods. You can barely hold onto anything. Lol that green sponge stuff inside the seats used to be all over the place.


    I can't count how many times I couldn't even make my way off the bus so I'd end up getting off at Jamaica Center (the last stop).

  2. I think a lot of people would be against an (E) extension down LIRR tracks. It'd be a double-edged sword, the cheaper fares would be nice but the (E) is already pretty terrible & slow and it'd probably get worse and SE Queens would probably be cut off from the LIRR system which a A LOT of people do use...Manhattan isn't the only destination people go to.


    It'd be amazing if they could share tracks but that'd never happen with those unnecessary regulations and potential fare beating, plus those narrow stations which would have to accommodate Subway & LIRR passengers at the same time.

  3. Bus lanes would be nice. My trip which was entirely within Eastern Queens and was basically an hour and a half (& upwards of 2 hours on occasion) ride in a damn stairwell, it's ridiculous and beyond draining, especially knowing it's a 25-ish minute drive. I don't even use public transportation anymore (except the LIRR once in a while), I can't take it.


    It's funny to see people with subway access & these short little commutes complain, I'm not saying they don't have a right to but I'd gladly trade commutes.


    I kind of wish the Q5 SBS was never cancelled, it wouldnt be of use to me but I know I'm not the only one that had/has a daily commute that's equivalent to a ride to Philly (or Delaware on a bad day) and back. It was needed. Staten Island & Eastern Queens commuters will always have my sympathy.

  4. It doesn't have to go to Green Acres. It can go to Rosedale LIRR first, and if there is demand, than they can send it to Green Acres



    Rosedale just seems like it'd be random destination for someone coming all the way from the other side of Queens, especially when Green Acres is literally right down the road.

  5. Went to weather.com and put in my zip code where I live in Queens

    for the hourly forecast and the top wind speed for Sunday is only

    53 mph, from midnight on Sunday-18mph winds up to the max of

    53 mph with the average winds of around 35-40 mph for most of the

    day, and with the rain ending by around 5-6pm. If that info holds true

    this is not a big deal at all(wind speed wise).


    That's interesting because the weather channel (weather.com) is predicting a borderline Category 1 Hurricane/Strong Tropical Storm (sustained 70-80 mph winds) for our area. There's even a Hurricane WARNING in place.


    I personally think this storm is being underestimated as well as overestimated (mainly the former though).

  6. so Jersey Shore Season 4 is premiering tonight at 10 on MTV and knowing people they love making facebook status updates every time that retarded show is on so I'm staying far away from facebook starting tonight till tomorrow so I won't have to read any stupid JS4 status updates.




    I forgot all about it, I need to DVR it.

  7. I haven't played GTA IV (TBofGT) since last year.


    I can't wait for Saints Row: The Third, I hope there's buses, they showed people at bus stops in the preview. It looks like San Andreas on steroids. The tank actually flattens the cars.


    Sorry to go OT lol, these maps look cool.

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