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  1. 3 minutes ago, bobtehpanda said:

    This ain't gonna be useful to anybody. People want connections to Manhattan, and they'll storm off the G the first chance they get. Also how would it be connected to Atlantic? And why cut it back from Church? That extension gave the G a kick in the pants when it came to ridership.

    Why wouldn’t expanded subway service in Queens be useful? I think Northern Blvd would make a good east-west corridor, even if it isn’t served by the (G), but my reasoning was that the (G) ends at Court Square, it can stand to go a bit further. But you’re right, more people will be traveling to Manhattan than Brooklyn.

    Who is this supposed to serve? And there's no space on 53rd St for more trains.

    It’d connect LaGuardia with Manhattan and the subway system, wouldn’t that be a good thing? I mean you could extend the loud outdoor (N)(W) to LaGuardia, I was trying to avoid that. And as far as space, make more space. CBTC, deinterlining, or shift something around some other way. Or send the (M) (or the (R)) to LaGuardia instead of down Queens Boulevard.

    Why so far east? Who's it gonna serve, the one CVS and that Pizza Hut they're demolishing? Bring it to Springfield and call it a day.

    We need expansion to help reduce the reliance on cars. Once upon a time we had lines running out over farmland, it helped induce demand, Queens by itself is the 4th most populated city in the U.S., Brooklyn is the 3rd, the demand for expansion into subway deserts (most of Queens) is there. I mean, financially, Springfield Blvd would obviously make more sense, but I don’t see a Little Neck Pkwy extension being entirely useless. Quite a few lines also approach city limits.

    Who would this benefit? And why also do this in addition to your Q44 line? Even with construction costs under control, we could afford one or the other and not both, and an AirTrain extension is weaker given that Willets Point is not a high-demand destination and you'd be running it through Corona Park, which has zero residents and jobs.

    In a perfect world we could have both, I think AirTrain LGA to Willets Point is quite dumb and little more than a pet project for Cuomo, however a connection to Jamaica would open it up to a much much larger passenger base, making the project (which is being built) more worthwhile. People traveling to LGA via the AirTrain from Jamaica and people traveling to LGA via the NorthernBlvd/LGA subway would mainly be coming from different directions.

    LGA is just too centrally located within NYC to not have a subway connection, it’s just asinine that this isn’t a thing already in existence.

  2. 1 minute ago, NY1635 said:

    QT43 is just Q5. Again, it's more obvious that Byford is writing the codes with Canadian Engineers and Brits. 

    QT43 is the Q85.

    One major thing that I do like about a lot of these revisions is the MTA attempting to speed up service in far flung areas without subway service, tbh one stop between Jamaica Center and Baisley Blvd is quite amazing.

    I wasn’t on board at first, there’s a lot of wrinkles to be ironed out, but I‘m starting to like this shake up more than I dislike it.

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  3. There’s no way that the “QT43” isn’t re-extended to Green Acres in their final revisions. No one’s going to go for that.

    I like the QT18, if it went to QCC that would’ve been a godsend for me. I used to walk 20-25 minutes to the Q84 (plus a long wait) and switch to the Q27 or I’d take the Q85 to the Q30 (both packed to the brim) and walk as the Q30 didn’t go to QCC until right after I stopped going (grr...). In either case a two-transfer MetroCard system would’ve helped immensely.

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  4. If the MTA could get costs under control:

    • Run the (G) under Northern Blvd all the way to 223rd St/Cross Island Pkwy in Bayside. Its new Brooklyn terminus would be Atlantic Terminal. 

    • Penn Station - LaGuardia line, follow the (E) from Penn to Northern/Broadway, continue along the new Northern Blvd line (with the new (G)) before...

       A) Branching off at I-278 and running north to the Grand Central Pkwy and turning east under the GCP to LaGuardia, either terminating there or continuing on to Flushing or Rikers/Bronx.

       B) Branching off of the new Northern Blvd line at Junction Blvd and continuing north to LaGuardia and either terminating there or continuing on to Rikers/Bronx.

    • Extension of the Archer Ave line south under Merrick Blvd all the way to Springfield Blvd.

    • Q44-ish subway line - new line originating at Jamaica Center (or Springfield Blvd on the new Merrick Blvd line), splitting with what’s currently the (E) at Main Street and running all the way to the new Northern Blvd line in Flushing, meandering under Northern Blvd west to College Point Blvd, running under College Point Blvd before turning under College Place to White Plains Road in the Bronx, continues under White Plains Road to Fordham Road where it turns west under Fordham Road, terminating at 207th St with the (A).

    • Extension of the (F) under Hillside Ave to Little Neck Pkwy.

    • PATH and SIR fully connected/integrated into the subway system. (R) for Richmond County, (H) for Hudson County (or Hoboken), and (E) for Essex County (Newark). Extension of the new (R) to Perth Amboy.

    • New Staten Island line under either Victory Blvd or Forest Ave, turning south under Richmond Ave, comes above ground by the Staten Island Mall while still continuing south along Richmond Ave to the Eltingville Transit Center (now a train station), heads southwest along the median of the Korean War Veteran Pkwy where it meets again with the (R) at the Huguenot Station, also terminates at Perth Amboy.

    • Bring the new (E) south to Elizabeth, terminating alongside a third Staten Island line that spurs off of the new Staten Island line running from Forest Ave or Victory Blvd/I-278 and over the Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge. This one isn’t as realistic as the others, the Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge is limited to a few operations per day, a bus line between Staten Island and Elizabeth is probably the best option.

    • Not really subway related, but I’d extend AirTrain LGA from Willets Point to Jamaica Station.

  5. Umm....yikes.

    Q85 via Guy R Brewer....whatever, but no more Green Acres? I just can’t see why they’d eliminate such an important destination, it’s nonsensical (if true). That’s not going to go over well, at all.

    Q44 truncated to Briarwood? Lol What?

    From what I’ve seen so far, this redesign looks like it would’ve made every single one of my commutes more difficult. Nothing’s finalized of course, but this isn't looking great.

    I like the Linden Blvd route though, it’s long overdue.

  6. I hated these, they seemed to live on the Q85 during the most crowded periods. You can barely hold onto anything. Lol that green sponge stuff inside the seats used to be all over the place.


    I can't count how many times I couldn't even make my way off the bus so I'd end up getting off at Jamaica Center (the last stop).

  7. I think a lot of people would be against an (E) extension down LIRR tracks. It'd be a double-edged sword, the cheaper fares would be nice but the (E) is already pretty terrible & slow and it'd probably get worse and SE Queens would probably be cut off from the LIRR system which a A LOT of people do use...Manhattan isn't the only destination people go to.


    It'd be amazing if they could share tracks but that'd never happen with those unnecessary regulations and potential fare beating, plus those narrow stations which would have to accommodate Subway & LIRR passengers at the same time.

  8. Bus lanes would be nice. My trip which was entirely within Eastern Queens and was basically an hour and a half (& upwards of 2 hours on occasion) ride in a damn stairwell, it's ridiculous and beyond draining, especially knowing it's a 25-ish minute drive. I don't even use public transportation anymore (except the LIRR once in a while), I can't take it.


    It's funny to see people with subway access & these short little commutes complain, I'm not saying they don't have a right to but I'd gladly trade commutes.


    I kind of wish the Q5 SBS was never cancelled, it wouldnt be of use to me but I know I'm not the only one that had/has a daily commute that's equivalent to a ride to Philly (or Delaware on a bad day) and back. It was needed. Staten Island & Eastern Queens commuters will always have my sympathy.

  9. It doesn't have to go to Green Acres. It can go to Rosedale LIRR first, and if there is demand, than they can send it to Green Acres



    Rosedale just seems like it'd be random destination for someone coming all the way from the other side of Queens, especially when Green Acres is literally right down the road.

  10. Went to weather.com and put in my zip code where I live in Queens

    for the hourly forecast and the top wind speed for Sunday is only

    53 mph, from midnight on Sunday-18mph winds up to the max of

    53 mph with the average winds of around 35-40 mph for most of the

    day, and with the rain ending by around 5-6pm. If that info holds true

    this is not a big deal at all(wind speed wise).


    That's interesting because the weather channel (weather.com) is predicting a borderline Category 1 Hurricane/Strong Tropical Storm (sustained 70-80 mph winds) for our area. There's even a Hurricane WARNING in place.


    I personally think this storm is being underestimated as well as overestimated (mainly the former though).

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