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  1. A -R32 B-R68/A C- R46 D-R68 E-R160 F-R160 G-R68 L/J/M/Z - R179 (4-car)\ R160/R143
  2. it makes no sense to extension the 3 train 2 blocks or 3 block not people just being lazy
  3. You have proof of the r32 to go with you to m line
  4. i am talk about this one http://sky.prohostin.../tptsm/rollsign
  5. Whatever happened to Rollsign Gallery http://sky.prohostin.../tptsm/rollsign
  6. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/looked-sleeping-dead-man-found-riding-5-subway-article-1.1230180

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