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  1. Bad feeling: Getting rejected. Worse feeling: 20th time. Even wrose feeling: Worrying that you'll never find the right person. Sorry guys I'm in my feelings right now. I'm just sick of my self confidence going 0-100 and then strsight back to 0 every time I feel like I have a shot at getting with a girl.

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    2. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      I feel sorry for you younger dudes out in the game right now... 3rd wave feminism's got guys "ghosting" & MGTOW out of solace & what not....


      This pro female (which is really an anti male culture out here right now) shit has long gotten out of hand... You can't even step to a female anymore without there being some kind of a f*ckin problem....


      "street harrassment"

    3. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      tl:dr version, today's female's get off of on the very thing TransitKid's going through right now.


      And I am here to tell you that VG8 is spot on... It aint you TK4608, it's these females out here.

    4. DaTransitMan4608


      Thanks guys. I appreciate all the support and I hear what VG8's getting at.

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