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  1. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    Car equipment preferred having the R62As on the , because it would Mosholu barn to be 100% R62A, while Westchester would be all NTT. This would be more efficient for the barns. However, the operational impact of having half of the Lexington Ave Express made up of R62As, which have been proven to have worse dwell times than NTTs at heavily crowded stations, would be significant. Hence, R62As were put on the .
  2. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    The R46 , while implemented very quickly and on short notice, was initially planned months beforehand. I'm curious as to where you heard that. The swapping of R160s to Jamaica won't start until more R179s start arriving. 1: That's a possibility. All I can say about that at the moment. 2: I am very familiar with operations at 207th St, and I can tell you that full 480 foot trains are rarely put into 207 barn as it is already. Having 600 foot trains there doesn't really pose any significant problems. I'm unsure what "insiders" said that this swap was supposed to occur 6 weeks ago, but this amorphous group of them doesn't include me! This swap is planned to only occur once sufficient R179s enter service. Of course, things are subject to change. There seems to be some sort of game of telephone ongoing in which information is being skewed as it is passed from person to person. 1: Well on behalf of myself and all other NYCT workers, I am truly sorry for trying to be friendly and talking about what I know about this incredibly interesting system. Sorry about that.. 2: R46s are not "banned" from the Brighton Line at all anymore. This "ban" is a rumor that has no basis in fact that keeps getting repeated over and over again for no reason. 3: R160s are indeed being retrofitted for QBL CBTC. As they cycle through the Coney Island Shop, they're being retrofitted with CBTC equipment. Take a close look at the undercar equipment of Coney Island and Jamaica's R160s next time you get a chance, you'll see OSMES cables and transponder interrogators on the trucks. 4: Flushing CBTC isn't ready yet, but notice that the R188 fleet was in place, with the R142A/R62A swap mostly completed by 2016, a whole two years before full CBTC cutover. A similar scenerio occurred with the R143 cars. The same can occur with the R160s and R46s. 5: You probably lost more travel time avoiding R44s than however much time you saved from not riding them in case one you rode broke down. The marginal benefits of "avoiding the R44s at all costs" were definitely less than the marginal costs. No plans to retire the R42s yet until after Canarsie. Overall fleet requirements will increase during the shutdown. The will be entirely NTT for the shutdown. The doesn't regularly use gap trains. There are very few instances, especially in the B division, where gap trains are regularly scheduled. It's not just up to car equipment. Ops Planning, Service Delivery (RTO) and Senior NYCT management also have a say in this. The whims of one department do not outweigh the overall needs and requirements of the system. If car equipment has an issue, reasonable accommodation is made to meet their concerns. For example, car equipment wanted to assign the R62As from the to the . There were other operational issues with that, and car equipment's desires were overruled, and the R62As went to the . Also, decisions don't just happen in a vacuum. People talk to each other. I have an especially detailed understanding about what car equipment thinks about all of this. While you've been on-point so far, this doesn't seem right. All B division crews are qualified on R46 equipment. However, I'm sure line supervision will ensure that the changeover to R46s on other lines will be smooth, just like they did for the C line. Whew, that was a long post. Should clear a couple things up. There's so much more I'd love to say but I can't really. I still did my best to be as objective and pragmatic as possible. And to that one person who really enjoys upvoting everything that even slightly disagrees with what I say, I'm not going to name you, but your irrational and obsessive hatred of me is quite concerning. Karma doesn't take kindly to that sort of thing. I'm aware that others have also called you out on this. Spend less effort hating other people and spend more effort focusing on your own personal growth. It's not worth the effort. And if it really is worth the effort to you, I encourage you to message me personally so things can be worked out maturely instead of passive-aggressively on an internet forum. You're a grown adult now, please act like it. Thanks!
  3. R179 Discussion Thread

    Not necessarily actually! Unless plans change, they’ll be around for the Canarsie shutdown. Overall car requirements will increase during the shutdown I’m very well acquainted with the actual car assignment plans being worked on jointly by Ops Planning and Car Equipment - I’m somewhat involved in the process. I can’t really talk in detail about them publicly yet. They are indeed “Serious business” lol
  4. R179 Discussion Thread

    The failure review board reviewed the details on what happened. Based on the nature of the issue, it was decided that the clock would not be reset upon resumption of testing on the 6th. Hence the train has completed its 30 day test. Notice that the delivery and testing of production cars is already underway.
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    Contrary to unsubstantiated rumors otherwise, the R179s have passed their 30-day test!
  6. Planned Subway Service Changes

    The clocks are driven by the supplement schedules being operated. Since this shortlined J is really internally an M run with M crews from the M work program, the supplement is an M supplement. This is why the trains show up as Ms on the countdown clocks. There may be workarounds for this issue but I’m not sure. The bugs and issues are still being worked out on the countdown clocks.
  7. R179 Discussion Thread

    Car equipment failures account for a very small portion of total delays. The marginal delay impact of having older rolling stock on the line is minimal when compared to signals, track, and insufficient capacity (timers, RTO inefficiencies, etc) delays. The R32s on the may end up displaced elsewhere once the 10-car R179 sets start arriving by the way.
  8. R179 Discussion Thread

    The (C)’s R160s will be going back to ENY, as the is slated to be all full length trains of R46s.
  9. R179 Discussion Thread

    3066-69+3090-93, which are production cars, are now testing on the J line. Enjoy!
  10. R179 Discussion Thread

    That’s not actually how the 30 day test works. The clock is only reset if the failure review board (made up of representatives from both NYCT and Bombardier) deem that a purported failure is serious enough to warrant resetting the clock. Not all failures result in a clock reset. Furthermore, a second consist of R179s is currently burn testing on the J line as I type this, cars 3066-69+3090-93 - production cars.
  11. R179 Discussion Thread

    The very first passenger run of the R179!
  12. The R179's entered passenger service today as part of the 30-day revenue service test! The very first trip was the 6:55am from Jamaica Center - Parsons Archer to Hewes Street and is shown in the video! Enjoy!
  13. R179 Discussion Thread

    It was actually very quiet! Also, Tech and Transit has the honor of being the first paying passenger aboard the R179. Congrats to him!
  14. R179 Discussion Thread

    It came out early and made an earlier interval. Happy hunting everyone!


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