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  1. Dj Hammers

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Just to clear some things up - some people have extrapolated some small bits of information to make various conclusions about how the car assignments will look in the future. Furthermore, a select minority of these conclusions have been attributed to me when that isn't really the case. Some of these extrapolations are fairly well done, but I should make it clear that the resultant detailed numbers and other info from them may in some cases be inaccurate. In short, I can't really comment about the accuracy of the claims made here because they are not official plans, and I think it would be incorrect to characterize any of those conclusions as coming from myself.
  2. Dj Hammers

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    Plans can change and in this case, they have slightly. Expect the R42s to go south, but the may keep some R32s.
  3. Dj Hammers

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    That actually wasn't a fleet transfer. ENY's "Cuomo wrapped" R160 consist went down to Pitkin Yard for annual emergency brake testing in the Rockaways. They were out in the Rockaways today, actually. It will be returned to ENY soon. For background context, a train from each car type is tested every single year. Right around now is when that testing is done.
  4. Dj Hammers

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    FYI - This transfer has been delayed. When I say "tentative" it's for good reason haha.
  5. Dj Hammers

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    ENY to 207 soon (tentative): 3810/3811 3730/3731 3718/3719 3682/3683
  6. Dj Hammers

    R179 Discussion Thread

    It was 3080 and its brethren haha. They were down at CIY for some work. They went back to ENY yesterday around 10am or so.
  7. Dj Hammers

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Hey, you can believe whatever you want - I don't think its a worthy use of time to argue over the nuances of how emergency MOW work is scheduled and communicated. I thought it would be nice to provide some clarity on what actually happened for those who may have appreciated the additional information. Unfortunately, I guess that comes with a nice dose of accusatory harassment on the side. Sorry, I guess(?) My response was in regards to the work being done on the 23rd. Obviously, I could have mentioned that there was indeed postponed work that was scheduled for the 16th that could have been (mistakenly) construed as completed on the 23rd, but that wasn't really relevant to the conversation. Why would I mention the details about work that was done the week before if the focus of the conversation was on this week's emergency GO? Furthermore, to my original point, if the work at 18th Ave did turn out to need to be done with a GO, an emergency GO would have been scheduled for the earliest moment possible with no precipitation, not the Wednesday of next week.
  8. Dj Hammers

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    I wouldn't be so hasty in throwing "you're wrong" out. There's a reason why I said what I said, considering the fact that I've looked directly at the plans for all of this emergency work.. There were two frogs that needed work, one at Ditmas and one at 18th Avenue. The one at 18th Avenue ended up being fixed under traffic (The one that originally was going to be done with an emergency GO on the 16th). Originally, it was thought that the whole frog would need to be replaced. It was found that the frog could be repaired instead of replaced. Obviously, it's not like the Twitter account would announce that the "work that was going to be done at an undetermined time" would not need to be done with a GO after all. Nobody is paying that close attention anyway, well, most people. The work at Ditmas on the 23rd was a completely separate issue. The need to do the work at Ditmas just happened to be identified right after the work at 18th Ave had been completed (Under traffic).
  9. Dj Hammers

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Not at all. This was an emergency GO that was scheduled on Tuesday for emergency frog repair. If it was supposed to be for last Thursday and got rained out, the nature of the issue would have necessitated rescheduling for the next immediate available time window. We wouldn't have waited half a week.
  10. Dj Hammers

    R188 Discussion Thread

    The video:
  11. Dj Hammers

    R188 Discussion Thread

    R142As heading from Westchester Yard to Mosholu Yard for service, taken 15 minutes ago:
  12. Dj Hammers

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Say goodbye to the last remaining R142A 6 train..
  13. Dj Hammers

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    ENY to 207: 3520/3891 3644/3621 3924/3925
  14. Dj Hammers

    R179 Discussion Thread

    3102-3105+3114-3117 was transferred to ENY tonight for burn testing prior to entering service on the J. 3118-3121 should arrive this week. Stuff is moving along smoothly.


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