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  1. new page posted today! Page 19 http://magicfoxy.com
  2. what station did you see it at around 5:30?
  3. thankies, also that is the fox in my avatar here
  4. Here is my webcomic :3 Its about a magical red fox whos magic tricks dont always work out. http://magicfoxy.com Here is the latest page
  5. if your lens has image stabilization, you can go down to 1/15. and depending on the camera ISO 1600 might be too noisy. I personally use ISO 400.
  6. what time does it come out? I'm looking to catch it during the week sometime.
  7. How many sets of R62As did they have running on the this past weekend?
  8. They went too far when they redid Epcot tho, the original Journey into Imagination ride was much better than the newer one with Eric Idle and 3d generated figment. The current Spaceship earth with the flash cartoon ending is hardly futuristic and inspiring like the previous version.
  9. That woulda been cool if they kept the Worlds Fair Stuff as a theme park after it was over. It coulda been like a New York Epcot
  10. Thankies, next month I plan on getting some Port Jervis branch photos
  11. From the flatiron building area up 5th avenue then left on 34th to penn station.
  12. More photos today! http://jonstrainphotos.com/photos/mnrr/route/nh
  13. Its a handy way to store mental notes I guess. the (E)/(F) arent too bad out there. The LIRR isnt that bad, they have the same seats on Metro-North. I find the Shoreliners to be less comfortable than the C3s since the shoreliners' windowsills are too high to rest your arm on. Ive been on plenty of long trips on those Shoreliners, I went to Waterbury, Wassaic and Poughkeepsie before. Somehow Metro North seems more expensive to go out on long trips with. I remember paying like almost 40 bucks round trip for waterbury but greenport didnt seem that much.
  14. couldn't they have found a better acronym for the bus drivers, to most people BO stands for body odor.
  15. I didn't chose to live here, as soon as I can afford to move I'm out of this island. I'm not sold on the area, I could easily be happy in any suburb, be it Westchester, Rockland, Connecticut Northern Jersey. I agree with that.
  16. They do that for the MTA also, there is a difference between your regular state taxes that go to a variety of things, be it roads, state troopers, the universities, trains, welfare, etc. With that you're likely to get something you find useful out of it, maybe you're done with school but you are a commuter on the highway, and you take books out of the library or something. Its another to demand extra taxes for one thing regardless if someone uses it or not, especially when that thing is known to be fiscally irresponsible. Go watch Jerry Springer if you want to watch people argue for your entertainment.
  17. When the state starts charging city residents an additional Parkway tax then we'll talk. The closest thing to that is a gasoline tax which goes to fund highways, and again its only paid by people who drive.
  18. I dont believe that my lil pony has the same staying power and popularity that Star Trek had in its prime. From what I heard the later seasons of the show (Ive only watched season 1) got really dumbed down and its turned off a lot of the bronies. The super die hard pony fans are likely to remain but I think the more casual ones are likely to move onto other things, probably become furries instead. A lot of Sonic the Hedgehog fans entered the furry world when the Sonic games and comics became crappy as the years went by. They traded their sonic style art styles for more standardized furry art styles.
  19. it depends on the time, theres times I've gotten thru the Cross Bronx with minimal delay. You go in the morning on the weekend you wont have any issues with traffic unless theres an accident. Ive taken the Cross Bronx to the Bronx River Parkway and the delays are mostly from the service road where you gotta go a few blocks before you can get to the onramp to the Bronx River Parkway. Then on those same days Im coming back from Westcheter and all the traffic is heading northbound, all the people that slept late and now wanna go out.
  20. The payroll tax is currently dead for now, one of the NY state supreme courts struck it down as unconstitutional and the appeal is still pending by the MTA. Secondly, Long Islanders only pay city taxes if they work in New York city. Nobody is contesting that, because that only affects people who work in the city from Long Island, and the extra salary compared to Long Island offsets it anyway, and in some cases you still come out ahead. The MTA payroll tax is another story. I don't feel that myself nor any other Long Islander should have to pay an additional tax for the MTA, since not everyone takes the train. I feel that the MTA needs to take a good hard look at its finances and learn to do more with less. The gravy train has to come to an end. The benefits of the LIRR just aren't worth the additional taxation. If they cut services based on whatever they were loosing in not having the payroll tax there, life would still go on out here, people would still be able to get where they are going. The doom and gloom about Long Island bus being privatized was never realized, life goes on out here, the county didn't shut down like people acted like was gunna happen. As for myself personally, I get no benefit out of the MTA aside from having something to do and photograph on Sundays. I am not a regular LIRR commuter, and I only go to the city 2-3 times a month. As for Detroit, I don't think it was the suburbs that killed Detroit. It was the out of control city residents that destroyed the city and people with any means got the hell out of there to a much safer environment. Businesses don't want to be in an area with chaos and a lack of law and order. If the people in the inner city behaved themselves, people wouldn't have needed to move out to avoid the crime waves that happened in the 60s and 70s due to out of control city residents. We could have easily been the next Detroit or Philadelphia had it not been for a strong mayor like Rudy Guiliani who finally got tough on crime, and made it safe for people from the suburbs and rural areas to come back to the city and set up their artist communities.
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