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  1. So has anyone caught that R62 that is supposedly on the 6 ?

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    2. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      I believe it still is. I had seen it a while ago.

    3. ttcsubwayfan


      Why was the 62 on the 1 in the first place? Is it because of 62A SMS?

    4. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      I think....I'm not sure. All I know is that there was a set of R62As and a few extra cars transferred from the 1 over to the 7. I think the SMS had something to do with it as well.

  2. Wooo my graduation is tomorrow!!

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    2. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      Now how will you celebrate?

    3. Quill Depot

      Quill Depot

      He will dance like the cool fox in his avatar! That's how he will celebrate.

    4. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      That's very possible too... lol

  3. New Photos added to my site! http://jonstrainphotos.com

    1. Threxx


      And yet you seem to hate subways so... ;)

    2. lilbluefoxie


      If I hated the Subway why would I photograph it :P For me, the Subway, the railroads, here and elsewhere are something I photograph for fun, I travel the rails for fun, I like to look out the window and watch the scenery go by. I don't however use mass transit to get to work, or anywhere else that isn't for photography, for two reasons: #1 I prefer the privacy of my own car and #2 if I rode it all the time, it would be less fun, and more of a day to day hassle. Hope that clarifies. As...

  4. thanks to the godaddy server problems, neither my site or the various photo threads I have on here will load.

  5. it appears one of my posts mysteriously disappeared

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    2. lilbluefoxie


      well excuse me for trying to post a relevant article. I don't have time nor the interest to read every topic on here and see who posts what. It would be nice to be informed when someones posts are removed, and done by an actual mod, not someone pretending to be one.

    3. Threxx


      @lil: They have the right to delete posts/threads with no prior warning or notice. Read the posting rules.

    4. lilbluefoxie


      still I didn't feel anything I posted was offensive or required removal without notice.

  6. Posted train photos from my San Francisco trip, I still have Cable car photos to go thru and post as well.

  7. I cant stand instagram photos

    1. N4 Via Merrick Rd

      N4 Via Merrick Rd

      it's annoying how you can't make an account on the computer >:(

  8. Today marks 3 years since I started actively railfanning and getting train photos. Since that time Ive travelled to a lot of interesting places in New York City and in the New York area, and I have met a lot of great friends :) I wanna give a special thanks to my railfan friends who gave me lots of great advice and suggestions and who've accompanied me on some of my photo trips to get some of the hard to reach places on the subway. I've learned a lot in that timeframe, and I also hope...

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    2. TheSubwayStation


      @ ThrexxBus, so true...

    3. B3 Via Av U

      B3 Via Av U

      @ ThrexxBus, okay, let's hide!


    4. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      Today marks 456 days I fanned actively


  9. http://jonstrainphotos.com/ I tweaked my site's layout a bit today :)
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    2. lilbluefoxie
    3. IRT Bronx Express

      IRT Bronx Express

      Nice job, it looks like a subway station. :)

    4. lilbluefoxie


      I modeled it after those modernish tiles they use at grand st, 57 st and those platform extensions on the IRT.

  10. I'm like pro anything that gets me from point A to point B, train, plain, car, bus, walking, etc.

    1. VWM


      and people stare at me on having such an extensive knowledge on transport...

  11. I need more cookies

    1. Threxx


      here's one! (COOKIE)

  12. Rollsigns the old signs are back up over here!
  13. that URL to those things doesn't exist anymore, I haven't had a chance to put the Flash rollsign things onto the new site. I've been meaning to do it and then I just get lazy and whatnot, but if you are really interested in them I will work on putting em back up.

  14. hey gorgor, do you have a map of where the Queens Express Bus routes depart to head back to queens? I saw only one of where they end up in Manhattan

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