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  1. im so pissed today i got a letter saying im not considered 1-3 rule for b/o
  2. if they call me for conductor while im already a b/o im staying a b/o...they make more money and you can take promotion to t/o
  3. i went on the 5/21 also...i hear theres classes in june for b/o class starts in june
  4. @NX Express:A Traffic Checker is someone who does various types of ridership surveys for NYCT and MTA Bus.They count how many passengers are in a bus by either standing outside on the street at certain locations or by riding the bus for either half of a drivers run or whole run.They also count how many passengers are on the train by having one checker walk two cars per train.There are more surveys but are too complicated for explanation.

  5. not at the moment but i hear next year its comming out..

  6. Hey do u know if there are any test out for traffic checker i keep looking and see nothing

  7. i called 180 livingston and they told me they suspect to ebtablish the c/r list soon..
  8. Who is a traffic checker?

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