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  1. :(the problem is that the corridor between boston rd and southern blvd has terrible traffic in the rush hour and the Bx12 cannot use the underpass at southern blvd since the connection for the bx19 and bx9 would be lost.Also the eastern part of the route has to deal with the england thru way traffic this causes bunches or at least contributes to it. i agree the ridership should be more cleaner but the nycta dose"nt give the cleaners enough time to do the job properly since they have so many busses pulling in at the same time so it sweep quickly and run the the bus was which most time has no soap in it.
  2. :(of the main problems with the Bx 12 is the corridor between boston rd and southern blvd the traffic backs up there all the time especially during rush hours the route can not use the underpass at southern blvd because it would not be able to serve s.blvd with connections to Bx19 and Bx9 also the east side of the route new england thru way also has congestion problems
  3. any one got picks of the interior of the new lfsa:cry::cry::cry::cry:
  4. hey guy"s how was the ride....better then new flyer?
  5. the grey box is for radio and other electronic systems(gps transmitters recievers) the nova really has no room under the bus for this. this is where C.A.T.S. Charlotte area transit had there GPS and radio and camera recording devices. I was a driver there for 5 yrs after leaving MABSTOA.
  6. The Bx31 was southern blvd and Bx30 was 145st x town to 149st and bruckner blvd where as Bx31 was botanical garden to 149st and southern blvd then was combined to make the Bx19
  7. the Bx31 was southern blvd and Bx30 was 145st x-town!
  8. Hey just thinking..... I wonder why mta dose"nt have super express on the w.p.line from 241st/238st to gun hill then on to the east. What was the express platform at gunhill for? :confused:
  9. Hey how the TA get the union to allow TA x"s to lay over at mjq(MAbstoa Depot) I know that Mabstoa is step child of TA but years ago this would be a no,no.
  10. there are other issues about the BXM11 that are not addressed one is there are only 2 stations on the #2 line with elevators for the handicapped that are 233st and pelham pkwy besides it also serves the bronx zoo.
  11. i hear you but when concourse line was built co-op city did not exsist co-op city was built in later "60"s-early 70"s, was"nt concourse built in early to mid 1930"s. As i remember co-op city area was swamp area and undeveloped then. I did hear that later years there was a plan to extend concourse line from 205st to co-op but never done.Why would pick one short area to start a third track in middle of grand concourse instead of after 155st portal. It seems they would have made 161st a express stop because of yankee stadium,any new explanations?
  12. will amtrak offer bi level cars on south east corridor in the future and if not,what is the reason?
  13. I am a ex mabstoa driver out of walnut and i am nycta fan (trains and busses) so i want to bond with on this forum on the whole system bus and subway

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