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  1. Im loving it (McD's) Already over here. at (MTA)Forums.
  2. London and New York are Related in a Buncha Ways. Except they call there Subway the "Tube". London Underground "tube" lol For its Round underground Shapes.
  3. Nice Videos. Kudos to those. I havent seen the Redbirds since 2002 I think. Certainly no in 2003. Also, Have you been stalking the RedBirds?
  4. Where is the 2nd Picture with the R143 (I think?) at? That Looks great coming from Rockaway. I remenber that. months back Anyways, Great Pics. Kudos!
  5. My PC can load them at a Good rate. But still a Bit laggish. No I dont run on Dial Up Silly! And im using a Laptop. Desktops I do not own.
  6. Hiya there. I guess Im new to these Forums. It took a While waiting to get my Account Moderated. But Hey its done. And Im here. Heres somethings about me :cool: : --I live in Rockaway Park, Closest station is Beach 98 Street with the Trains. --PCWiener is 2 Words, Personal Computer(PC) and Wiener as in Geek or Nerd. :cool: --Im not a Speling Fan, Or Puntuation Fan. Soo I might get those bad. (see my Capitalism on words) Okay. All about me. Kudos.

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