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  1. oh.

    Im still mad to this day that the (Q38) doesn't belong to LGA anymore :cry:.

  2. sorry i'm late. yeah i'm a fan LOL. my home route is the q18.

  3. Uugh just missed your birthday >XO. Hey are you a fan of LGA depot? My home route is the Q72.

  4. someone mentioned this already but definitely RIZZO'S of astoria... best sicilian and thin slice pizzas. ahhh. i just had some for dinner last night, actually :cool:
  5. Cool cool, imma send my AIM to you in a PM.

  6. yeah, i have both but i don't really feel comfortable giving out my fb on a place like this (no offense), however my aim is oreosicle :)

  7. Do you have AIM, Facebook or anything like that?

  8. I'm into photography too, I know what you mean. I was lucky enough to know some connections and was able to get my camera has a gift. All of the camera equipment available are expensive too. I have $300 and I'm still debating on whether to get a new phone (needing some more money for it) or just buy a new lens, and a polarizer filter.

  9. i am soo jealous... i've wanted a DSLR for so long but they're so expensive. photography is actually something i want to take up, but i don't have enough money to get a decent camera.

  10. oh wow, that's awesome. your pics look really great... what kind of camera do you have?

  11. Yesterday was TTMG's Bronx Focus trip so we went up to the Bronx (obviously :-P) to scope out all the photo ops. Nothing but buses and walking. Check my photo thread here:



  12. trip? where'd you go?

  13. Good good, tired from yesterday's trip. Legs & feet are dead, eyes are tired.

  14. heeey there! how are you?

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