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  1. it works!!!!thanks so much guys! B) this is why i like this place:) lots of helpful and friendly people You are all so COOL! THANKS
  2. thanks so much guys!!! it finally works. i've been sving it on pictures and stayed still untill i saved it to my documents. thanks guys ur all so helpful! and i love my sign:) *** it does upload but when i save it it wont appear....anyways thanks for everything guys...sorry for the inconvinence:)
  3. thank you so much! and dont worry about itthough i greatly appreciate it thanks so much! your so cool *** why does it keep saying "Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file."??? i inserted the url but it just gave me this message? am i doing something wrong?
  4. sorry to bother you again but like LRG, i have the same problem with both my signatures. they wont upload as well as saying that the "upload failed due to failure to up load temporary files"...??? dont know whats going on their so can u help me? im sad that i cant display the signs u made ...also when u paste the url into the box to upload do u delete the stuff thats alreadythere? (htp www) or keep it there and put the url next to it? ive tryed so much! ***or is it just the size affecting it**** !!! sorry to bother anyone with so much help ! thanks
  5. I think that is so cool:) I'm a pokemon fanatic. im waiting for the new game to come out... (Black and White)... off topic so sorry for the inconvinience... LOL
  6. Thabk you so much!!! I love them XD i especially like the sign! the ( is fantastic!!!! thank u thank u thank u!!! again... you are very talented! thanks:)
  7. You are the best! sorry for more work. again thank you so much XD Im psyched!! LOL
  8. I love your signs! You are a very great artist If it is possible, can you make me the following R160 sign? R160 original gray Flip-dot:[LCL] (B)to Forest Hills-71st AV (B)via 53rd st/ Queens blvd LCL (B)Brighton Local (B)6th Av Express and if it isn't to much trouble i would like another one but for the line: R160 original gray Flip-dot:[LCL] (7)to Flushing-Main St (7)Flushing Local (7)via 42nd St It would be great if you could do these 2 for me. im sorry for bothering you, but i love the signs you make. thank you so much! you are the best! *** if you can only do one i understand. Thanks.***
  9. Hey hope you enjoyed your snow day lol

  10. do you know which bus was the pheonix and the history behind it?

  11. I'll PM you my thoughts on that in a bit. It's become very hectic to discuss on the boards!

  12. i hoped u enjoyed the holidays as well... my holiday vaca was okay. HAPPY 2010!!! and hope u have a great rail fanning year....


    by the way, have u heard of the elimination of the (M) and (V) extension....

    do u think it will happen or...? i honestly like the (V) the way it is!

  13. Hey I haven't seen you post as of recent. Anyways, hope all is well. Hope you enjoyed the holidays! :)

  14. good afternoon! same to you and im sure you'll look great in them! i have PSAT's this week so i am stuck studing:( oh well....oh and it has been a long time!!!! hope to talk soon!:) have fun and enjoy your weekend!:)!!!

  15. good morning! enjoy your columbus day weekend. i am going to shop for boots later today and start wearing them on tuesday.

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